Phil Mataras


ArDrive was founded by Phil Mataras, a solutions architect with over a decade of experience working in Fortune 500 IT. Phil has been a involved with the permaweb since the earliest days in 2018.


Dmytro Baida

Lead Desktop Developer


Graphic Design


Lead Web Developer

Wayne Jones

Content Writing

Almog Koren

Lead Mobile Developer

Paranoid Punk

Community Strategy

Augustine Rodriguez

Quality Assurance

Vibrant Content

Web Design


Anthony Tripaldi

Technologist, Google Creative Lab

Garrett MacDonald

Blockchain + Mining Entrepreneur


ArDrive wouldn't exist without the passionate community of developers and digital designers contributing to this open-source project.

We are always looking to expand, no matter what skill set you have. Please take a look at our page to learn about our current opportunities. Contributors typically earn ArDrive Profit Sharing Tokens (PSTs) for their work that pay micro-dividends as the platform grows.  

Join our Discord server to learn more, make feature requests, and help shape the future of ArDrive.