About ArDrive


Where does my data go?

The data is not stored in any one single place. Instead, it is distributed across tens of thousands of different nodes throughout the world. Your private information is encrypted, and can only be accessed by you and those you share it with.


What makes it censorship-resistant?

Whatever you put on the permaweb cannot be deleted. The permaweb’s file storage method was created so that each data storage block cannot be removed by anyone – not you, not ArDrive, not Arweave (the creators of the permaweb), not the world’s best supercomputer. Furthermore, the permaweb exists as a decentralized network. It distributes data …

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How can it actually be permanent?

Two factors allow Arweave’s technology to be a permanent storage system: Indelible Code.  The Arweave protocol or the code is written in a way that does not allow anything to be deleted.  A Decentralized Network.  Instead of one centralized server that keeps all your data, files are distributed and replicated over a network of thousands …

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What is the permaweb?

ArDrive is built upon and powered by the permaweb.  Launched in 2018, the permaweb is an indelible, tamper-proof version of the internet. Sam Williams, the founding engineer of the permaweb, describes it as “a collectively owned hard drive that never forgets, [and] allows us to remember and preserve valuable information, apps, and history indefinitely.”  The …

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