File Management


Where are my files?

When you login into your account you may only see a portion of your files at first – this is because ArDrive is still syncing with the permaweb. Don’t worry! All of your files are still there and safe forever. It should not take too long for all of them to appear. If you want …

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Can I edit my files after they are uploaded?

Yes, you can edit your files after uploading them. ArDrive will allow you to save a revised copy of the same file, and you will also get to have all of the revised copies of these articles. Again, it is your choice whether you make these files private or public.


Is there data size limits on accounts?

No, there are no data size limits on accounts. Feel free to put as little or as much on as you like on the permaweb.  Whether you want to store 1 kb, 1 MB, 1 GB, 1TB or 1 PB – it is up to you!


How long does it take to download?

Downloading from the permaweb is about as fast as downloading from the internet, and will only continue to get better. As the permaweb network grows, there will be more nodes all over the world. This will mean that your data will have a redundancy and proximity that will make download speeds continue to increase.


How long does it take to upload?

Permanent data storage doesn’t happen in an instant. But most files are uploaded in just a few seconds. Larger files can take several minutes to upload. When the circle icon is completely filled, your files are uploaded to the permaweb. After files are uploaded with ArDrive they are then distributed to the nodes, which can …

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