ArDrive will be giving away up to 145,600 ArDrive Tokens from April until October November 2021 in our Usage Mining Rewards program called Dust.


At the end of 2020, we launched our first Usage Mining Rewards program, Aztec. It encouraged permanent data uploads, brought in hundreds of new community members and provided tons of great feedback. 

With Dust the users of ArDrive will also have the opportunity to explore, strategize and win as many as 800 ArDrive Tokens (marked by the symbol ↁ) that will be given away every single day. To be in the running, all you need to do is upload at least 50 MB of data to be eligible for a portion of the daily reward.  

Let's look more closely at the details of the Dust rewards program and the ArDrive tokens you will be rewarded with.

How does the Dust reward program work?

Dust is a daily reward program for users who upload data to ArDrive.

Each day:

    • At 12:00pm EST, the token distribution process will run
    • 800 (ArDrive Tokens) will be distributed per day amongst users that upload the minimum amount of data
    • The 800 will be distributed amongst the reward winners on a weighted basis - i.e., more rewards will be given to those who upload more data.
    • The minimum amount of ArDrive tokens to be given to an qualifying individual is 1
To be eligible to receive rewards:
    • A user must upload at least 50 MB on a given day
    • The user must have loaded enough data compared with their peers as to have been placed amongst the leaders. Some days will require more uploading than others to win a reward.
    • There is no guarantee to win anything, but the more you upload the better your chance!
When will I know if I have received rewards?
    • Each week a list of winners and the amount of data uploaded will be published on ArDrive
    • You can always check your transactions for ArDrive (and the rest of the Arweave community) at Arweave's view block by inserting in your wallet address
    • You can use the new Chrome extension ArConnect, which also lets you manage Profit Sharing Tokens, like .
    • Or, you can check out the ArDrive page at to see a list of all the ArDrive token holders.  You'll also see our votes and other community governance matters there.

When does it start?

Dust season kicks off on April 16th, 2021, and rewards are distributed daily at 12:00 PM EST.

How long does it run?

ArDrive will be running Dust rewards for 6 months until October 16th, 2021 for 7 months until November 15, 2021.  The program will be monitored and reviewed to ensure its goals are being met.

So over the entire Dust program there will be up to 145,600 distributed to ArDrive users, and countless new community members. We may never distribute ArDrive tokens at this rate again.


If you have been wondering when you should start uploading your files to ArDrive - the time is now. Look through all of your old files and get the ones that you want to store permanently onto ArDrive. The more you upload the more you will be rewarded, and that reward includes membership into our ArDrive community.

Dust off those old files and get them on the permaweb.


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