The problem of long-term storage for your most important files has been solved

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The problem of long-term storage for your most important files has been solved.

Our photos, files and digital art capture the most important memories in our lives.

We have simply assumed that our data will always be there, but as the digital era has played out now we are not sure where to keep it all.

As our lives have become more digital the questions around where we save and store our data have become more important:

  • Where does all our data go?
  • How do we pass it on to future generations?
  • Whom can I trust with my data?
  • Why do companies keep on changing terms of service?
  • Who controls my data once it is in the application?

It has become increasingly obvious of the fragility of the internet and our data storage systems:

  • The data on the internet is not static, but fluid with a high data turnover and loss rate
  • Broken links are common
  • Loss of personal information
  • Increased dominance of Big Tech
  • Disruptive cyberattacks
  • Inadequacy of multiple hard drives

Introducing the Permanent Data Network

ArDrive is based on the Arweave network, which makes it possible to store files perfectly over long periods of time. Arweave is a strange name, so let's unpack it:  Ar stands for Archive and weave refers to the way data is interconnected and 'woven' together for permanent storage.

Inside of Library of Alexandria – artistic rendition (Image: 21h007)

Inside of Library of Alexandria – artistic rendition (Image: 21h007)

A Permanent Library to connect us over vast periods of time

Arweave aims to create a new Library of Alexandria - a long-term digital memory of the best of human knowledge. So as the internet has connected us over vast distances, the Arweave network will connect us over vast periods of time. Arweave will house the history of the world for all to see, for generations to come.

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Who Needs Permanent Storage?

  • Accurate Historical Archives can be shared for future generations
  • Family photos, records, and stories can easily be passed on
  • Business needs of data permanence can be met
  • Academic research can be shared and built upon in open dialogue 
  • Web pages can be archived and shared without anymore broken links
  • Digital art and content creators can take ownership of their work with NFTs
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When you upload something and know it will be there forever with no data degradation and also know that that the file cannot be deleted ... it feels really good.  –Ty Kroh


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