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Web3 Dropbox, but with sooo much more.

Securely save, manage and share photos, files and documents – by leveraging the power of a permanent blockchain

Pay once, store forever

The 0-1 invention
no one is talking about: permanent data

The benefits of an external hard drive, without the cons of them getting damaged, lost, stolen or fried.

To achieve permanent data for lifetime stoage: 

  • Every file is stored onchain on the Arweave blockchain

  • Multiple copies are saved all around the world by a global community. 
  • Files are checked every 15 seconds
  • Extreme redundancy and verification makes it very hard to delete data.
  • To keep this running  an "endowment" model is used. 95% of the cost of every upload is reserved to pay for future storage. 

ArDrive has a one-time payment and no-monthly subscription payment method.

With ArDrive's underlying blockchain storage there can be minor fluctuations in the price of a GB. 
For a one time payment storage is approximately $5 to $7 USD/GB.

Practically, that will buy you: 

  • 3000 Office documents
  • 400 Pictures
  • 300 Songs

It's your choice!

You can either use crypto or regular currencies to buy storage. 

ArDrive accepts the AR Token or $USD payments through our Turbo top up service. 

Turbo allows a user to purchase credits towards storage with their credit or debit card in $USD. 

There are three options for digital wallets with ArDrive. 

  1. ArDrive will generate an arweave wallet for you during the sign-up process
  2. ArConnect is the leading digital wallet in the Arweave ecosystem
  3. MetaMask and other popular ETH wallets are compatible with ArDrive 

With every file it is your choice of either public or private. 

ArDrive is built upon a public blockchain Arweave and can turn any file uploaded onto Arweave into a private file. 

If you opt to make your Drive private, all of your files will be encrypted. ArDrive uses AES-256-GCM, which we believe is the best encryption standard currently available. AES-256-GCM is the current standard for top-secret military information.

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