Mr. Tulip’s Interplanetary Solar System Fiesta

ArDrive’s Command Line Interface (CLI) ensures that Mr. Tulip’s NFTs are built on a foundation of permanence

Azriel gets it. He knows what is necessary from a blockchain and a community standpoint to develop an imaginative NFT experience. Mr. Tulip’s Interplanetary Solar System Fiesta is Azriel’s brainchild, a storied journey through a galaxy of parties, NFTs, VIP Tickets, treasure hunts, and big reveals.

To make this journey possible, Azriel used ArDrive’s recently-updated Command Line Interface (CLI) to ensure all the data in Mr. Tulip’s Fiesta is on a foundation of permanence.

What is Mr Tulip's Interplanetary Solar System Fiesta (MTISSF)?

“The whole story is centred around a fiesta in outer space hosted by an eccentric billionaire Tulip known only as Mr Tulip,” Azriel explains. “The fiesta has 10,000 exclusive tickets (NFTs) that give guests access to the event. As the story progresses, the Tulipverse gets more and more interesting.” 

Community is at the forefront of MTISSF. NFT holders get a front row seat to all the twists and turns of the unfolding fiesta. As roadmap milestones are reached, various interactive components unlock including an art gallery, merch store, and even a band that will write a theme song. 

“At the heart of everything is the community. They affect the outcome of the entire Tulipverse through voting.’ 

Mr. Tulip’s NFTs on Open Sea

Our Interview

We had a chat with Azriel about how he used the ArDrive CLI to make MTISSF possible.


How did you find ArDrive for your project and what made it appealing?

I quickly realised that in the world of NFTs you need permanence – somewhere to store your NFT files where they can live forever. So when the time came to decide where I would be hosting the files, it was a no brainer. It had to be Arweave.

But then I had to figure out how to get my 10,000 files onto Arweave, which wasn’t an easy task.

ArDrive was the definite way to go. I wouldn’t have accomplished uploading 10,000 images plus 10,000 metadata files to Arweave as easily as I did without the ArDrive CLI.

As an artist, and I think I speak for many artists saying this, you just want things to work. You don’t want to have to figure them out and spend too much time troubleshooting. So something that is easy to use and user-friendly is a must.

Did you look for any other storage solutions before settling on ArDrive?

The storage solution for Mr Tulip had to be decentralised. So things like Dropbox, Google Drive or a self-hosted server just wouldn’t cut it.

It also had to be permanent. So unfortunately IPFS (Filecoin) just wouldn’t cut it either. The economic incentive structure of IPFS (Filecoin) does not create a storage model that is as permanent as one is led to believe. Learn more

I just couldn’t risk my community members waking up one day to a dead link in their NFT. If someone was going to buy an NFT from the Tulip Verse it needs to outlast them, and not ever disappear.

As a non-developer, how hard was it to get up to speed with the CLI?

Using the CLI was very easy. For the average user to upload their personal files to Arweave using ArDrive and the ArFS file system will be a breeze, especially now that the ArDrive team have implemented more useful features to the CLI like D2N bundles and Path Manifest creation.

I mean I had to upload over 20k files to make MTISSF work, so if you are uploading less, it will be a walk in the park.

But above all I learnt that using good tech is a must when making NFTs.

ArDrive is good tech and that’s because of the team behind it. They are all amazing people that know what they are doing and they helped me out with any questions I had along the way.” 

If you are making NFTs, use ArDrive.

Full Stem Ahead

Azriel has big ideas for Mr. Tulip and this recent launch is only the start. As with the rest of the blockchain world, Azriel hopes MTISSF will grow in multiple new directions becoming “a “mad journey of the imagination.”

One spoiler alert: the Tulipverse has a News Broadcasting Company called The Daily Blossom. Stay tuned for news from The Daily Blossom about future Tulip events for those attending the fiesta. 

And as engagement grows, watch for “the final unlock.  It’s a big one. I can’t say much about it, but in a sense that final 100% unlock will only be the beginning.”  

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