Striding the permahills with massive bulk, towering brawn and laser vision...

NFTshirt Series 1


Laserilla dominates our NFT page, and now it can dominate your wardrobe.

This December, grab your chance to own Laserilla with ArDrive's first edition NFT-shirts.

Weekly winners will be given one of 19.84 digital NFTs on OpenSea, with art backed up on the permaweb using ArDrive.  Each digital NFT-shirt also comes with a physical T-shirt (and other goodies).

Don’t miss your chance to wear a vision of complete annihilation.

..this deadly stare that permanently eliminates all opposed to the permaweb.


limited to 19.84 NFT-shirts

Week 1

December 3 - December 10

Week 1

  • #NFThanks
  • Meme Contest
  • ArCast Sleuth

Week 2

December 11 - December 17

Week 2

  • Ugly NFT Contest
  • Discord Royalty

Week 3

December 18 - December 23

Week 3

  • Laserilla v Mailchimp
  • Video Sleuth

NFT-shirts are a convergence between the physical and digital worlds. Digital proof of ownership mirrors an actual object in the physical world, similar to Unisocks.

The original owner will receive both a digital and physical NFT-shirt. The digital version can be held or traded on OpenSea while the physical shirt remains "proof of community". Both versions can be used to unlock exclusive opportunities in the future.

In homage to George Orwell’s classic book, we’re only releasing 19.84 Laserilla NFT-shirts. The first 19 versions will be similar and distributed by the end of 2021.

The last version, The 0.84, will have 16% of its content annihilated in both digital and physical forms. The 0.84 will be distributed in a subsequent contest in 2022.

NFT-shirts are available those who win one of the weekly contests listed above throughout the month of December. Details will be unlocked as contests begin.

A digital NFT-shirt will be sent to the Ethereum address provided by the winner in December. Winners will also be able to identify their shirt size and mailing address to receive the physical NFT-shirt with shipping taking place in January 2022.

NFT-shirts are limited to one per person with the exception of The 0.84 version. Slight variation between digital and physical art may occur.  Laserilla doesn't its picture being taken.

Edition 1 of our NFT-shirts will be released on OpenSea, with art backed up on the permaweb using ArDrive. Future editions may be minted directly on the Arweave network.

If you receive an NFT-shirt, you are free to sell, transfer or hold it as you wish. If you sell your digital NFT-shirt on OpenSea, we'd recommend holding on to that physical NFT-shirt. Exclusive opportunities for either kind of NFT-shirt holders are coming in 2022.  

Learn about using permanent data for your NFTs on ArDrive by reading our NFT page.  We've also added several NFT-specific features to our new CLI.  If you still have questions, reach out to us on Discord.

After our initial seasons, Aztec (2020) and Dust (2021), usage mining rewards have been paused.

But stick with us, they may come back in 2022.


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