Digital NFT-shirt

Please give us your Ethereum address below and we'll transfer this NFT-shirt to you. Edition 1 of our NFT-shirts are being released on OpenSea, with art backed up on the permaweb using ArDrive. If you don't have an OpenSea account, please create one to receive your digital NFT-shirt.

Physical NFT-shirt

Please identify your shirt size and mailing address below to receive the physical NFT-shirt. Shipping will take place in January 2022.

Adventure Awaits

The digital version can be held or traded on OpenSea while the physical shirt remains "proof of community". Both versions can be used to unlock exclusive opportunities in the future. More details in 2022!

Ethereum wallet addresses are 42 characters long and usually start with 0x (zero-x). Please copy and paste your wallet address to ensure it's correct!
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