Public Drive Bounty

Round ’em up!  Find files on a monthly theme.  Corral ’em in a Public Drive.  Hand ’em over to the Judge.  Best in show takes home a prize of 2 AR.  Runner up walks away with 1 AR.

Most Wanted

We have a warrant to build up the permanent library of human culture and knowledge on Arweave's permaweb. Public Drives offer collections of free content for future generations, like digital time capsules of important files that will exist forever.

More than 1500 Public Drives have already been created on ArDrive on topics from books to movies to history. We've launched this Public Drive Bounty to accelerate the growth of useful, royalty-free content on the permaweb.

The Theme

Each month we'll choose a theme for the Bounty.  This month, we're looking for records of historical significance about food.  Your Public Drive could contain recipes, cookbooks, public domain photos, restaurant guides...anything the future world should know about what we eat.

The Reward

Grand prize:  2 AR
Runner up:  1 AR

How to Win

Successful entries from our bounty hunters have:

  • An appropriately named Public Drive containing data only relating to the bounty.  In other words, don't name it “My Public Drive”.
  • Upload the most complete, accurate historical record of the data bounty, including as many references as possible.
  • The rarer the information, the better!
  • The larger the data set, the better!
  • The more original the content, the better!
  • Records may include photos, music, videos, PDFs or other documents.
  • Avoid using exotic file types, zip files, application files or anything not relating to the bounty!
  • Files must have relevant file names and organized into sub folders where applicable.
  • Drives that are organized better have a better chance at winning!
  • Drives must not include pirated or copywrited material
  • Drives will be reviewed and the largest, most organized and thoughtful Drive will win!

As an example of a winning entry, see this Public Drive of food-related webpages.  Or as an example of a comprehensive entry on another topic, visit ScareDrive, our Public Drive about the Halloween holiday.


This bounty opens on November 1.  To submit your Public Drive, share it on Twitter with the Public Drive sharing link. Make sure to tag @ardriveapp and include the hashtag #ArDriveBounty

All submissions must be tweeted by November 13 with winning Drives being awarded at our community call on November 15.





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