How do I get a wallet?

To get started with ArDrive, you’ll need to obtain a digital wallet and a small amount of AR, the digital currency associated with the permaweb. ArDrive’s is based on the Arweave network and AR is used to pay the global network of operators who maintain the permaweb.

First 50 MB for free

When you sign up for a new wallet on Arweave, you should receive 0.1 AR (enough to upload around 50 MB of data) and a digital wallet for free. Create wallet on Arweave


Or create a wallet yourself by using the Google Chrome extension for Arweave. It’s not too scary! Once you’ve made a wallet, you’ll need to load it up with AR, which can be purchased at one of several exchanges. Learn more

Don’t use Google?

Arweave wallets can be cryptographically created on any machine, even without internet access, by using the ArDrive desktop app. Reach out to us on Discord or email for details.