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ArDrive gives you permanent control of your data.
This means that our login process is different than other storage apps.
In the end, you’ll totally own your data and we won’t even have your password.

Click “New User” on the login page

Getting Started

You’ll need a digital wallet to use ArDrive. It’s free and easy to make.
Watch the video above to see how this works or head to the login page and click “New User”.

Small Files are Free

Any files that are less than 500 KB are free to upload to ArDrive. Login to ArDrive and try uploading some small files for free!

How to Pay for Larger Uploads

If you wish to add larger files, add Credits to your digital wallet. Watch the video above for more details or just login to ArDrive and click on your wallet address in the top right corner. Then click the “Add” button to purchase Credits with a credit card.

Once you have Credits, use them to upload data permanently on ArDrive.

If you need help, reach out to ArDrive Support or connect with us on Discord.

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