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Pay once

Pay once

Break free of monthly fees. ArDrive offers permanent, secure, always-on data storage for a simple one-time price. Store your documents, photos and videos in an indelible vault on ArDrive and keep them secure for a lifetime.

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Any file uploaded to ArDrive is stored permanently. It can’t be removed by you (or even by us). The advanced storage network we use surpasses cloud computing and is more like the internet itself:  it simply can't be turned off.

Pay per file

Most documents you upload to ArDrive only cost a tenth or a hundredth of a cent. It's not until the file size gets to be 1 MB that it may cost a penny. Remember: this is the price, not for one month or one year, but for forever.

Pay Per File
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ArDrive uses end-to-end encryption of your private data using AES-256-GCM, one of the best encryption standards currently available.