Permanent Data Storage

Most people use cloud storage apps, social media sites, and personal hard drives to store their digital files. But these options are not built to last. Hard drives fail, social media changes on a whim, and cloud storage requires subscriptions. ArDrive offers an alternative:  pay once, store forever.  Permanent data storage through ArDrive means your files are safe for generations without any subscriptions.  Tell me more


one stop storage spot
Keep and organize your files where they can’t be lost or deleted. Learn more
creator's paradise
Leverage ArDrive to bring your digital creations like NFTs to life. Learn more
built for builders

Create a digital time capsule of websites, news and files stored permanently. Learn more

permaweb for all

Use ArDrive to make a permanent website or launch a permanent app. Learn more

ArDrive = Archive + Drive

"While many users trust services like Dropbox or Google Drive to steward their data—services potentially susceptible to data leaks—ArDrive allows users to maintain ownership and control of their data."

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