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The ArCast

Episode 34 (Live @ Arweave in Denver)


This week's episode comes to you live from Arweave Day at ETH Denver, recorded in front of a live audience at the Woodside Brewery.
Andrew and DMac discuss the Arweave's recent upgrades, and how Arweave 2.6 is made mining more accessible and egalitarian.
They also discuss Star Wars and Star Trek and how it relates to the tension between the hyper-competitive nature of capitalism and the pro-social benefit to humanity that Arweave embodies.

Episode 33

MC Evol

This week on the ArCast, MC Evol talks about her love for web3 and Arweave. She explains how Arweave enables artists to take control of their work and put it out there for everyone to hear without worrying about losing ownership or control.
We discuss the implications of ownership and decentralization, and how ArDrive has helped changed the way we think about ownership and control in the music industry.

Episode 32

Jim Dee

This week on the ArCast, Generative co-founder Jim Dee talks about the way Arweave can be useful in archiving NFT collections.
He talks about how he got involved in web3, why he loves Arweave, and how manifests help make archiving NFTs more streamlined for creators and collectors.
An inspiring interview with a true pioneer in the space; thanks Jim!

Episode 31


This week on the ArCast, G0 discusses his involvement with Only Arweave,, Longview Labs and Fortify.
He also talks about how optimism is a core tenet of Arweave, and how the Arweave protocol itself makes this philosophy inherently pervasive in the ecosystem.
Thank you G0, for your technical and philosophical expertise!


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