ArDrive Mobile: The first permanent storage app for your phone!

Every day, businesses and people are creating and consuming more and more data.

All the sudden, the photo and video albums on our mobile phones can scroll back a decade, while businesses like accounting firms have millions or billions of files they are obligated to save (and keep paying for), but will likely never view again.

Today, the cloud storage market is valued at over $70B and expected to be over $220B by 2027. The reason for this rapid market growth is both the amount of data created each year, but also the fact that consumers and businesses have been conditioned to pay for data storage month after month, year after year.

ArDrive sees a different path forward. Pay once, store forever.

Web3 is a large and complex world of which most people have seen a relatively small slice of what is possible. People know about cryptocurrencies, but are not aware of the day-to-day functions that crypto is bringing with its underlying blockchain technology to help the average person.

That is one of the reasons we are so excited about launching ArDrive Mobile – putting the power of the blockchain into the pockets of the everday person.

ArDrive Mobile is the first permanent, decentralized storage app that you can have on your phone. It is a big step in the direction of not only allowing people to save their files permanently, but allowing them to see what else blockchain can do.

It is putting the power of blockchain into the pockets of the everyday person.

“ArDrive deleted the delete button. We use the power of Arweave, a globally-distributed blockchain network, to save files permanently and with full censorship-resistance.

Under the hood, your file is cryptographically sealed, distributed around the world in a permissionless network, and available for generations. Crypto news usually only talks about decentralized finance, but permanent data is one of the most promising developments in crypto. ArDrive Mobile makes it easy to see the next horizon of the blockchain.”

—Phil Mataras, ArDrive Founder

Screenshots of the ArDrive Mobile app

The open source ArDrive platform is built on the Arweave blockchain, which provides permanent, tamper-proof storage for any type of digital data. For a deeper dive into the underlying Arweave tech see this Gemini article or to understand what makes Arweave different from other blockchain storage solutions let this Goldman Sachs analyst explain.

Leveraging Arweave’s permanence and simplicity, ArDrive Mobile ensures your important files will never be deleted. And while your ArDrive files are fully encrypted and secure, you choose at any time to share them publicly. 

It’s time to start thinking about storge differently. With ArDrive Mobile, your photos, videos, and files will be accessible throughout your entire life and those of your children and grandchildren. 

Permanece is possible and more cost-efficient for any file that you want for the long-term. Download ArDrive Mobile today on the Apple App Store or Google Play. More information below.

We look forward to helping you access your files for decades to come!

ArDrive Mobile Features

  • Save photos, videos, files, and folders from your phone to the Arweave network permanently.
  • No subscription fees: Simply pay for storage as needed.
  • No storage limit: Store as much data as you want, forever.
  • Intuitive folder and file management.
  • Easily send files by sharing a link with anyone, even if they don’t have an ArDrive account.
  • Preview all your saved photos in the app.
  • Censorship-resistance, where third parties cannot simply remove your data.
  • Users control and own their own data – even we can’t see it!
  • Private drive encryption with two key system for enhanced security.

How do I get ArDrive Mobile?

Download ArDrive Mobile from either Google Play or the Apple App Store. 

After you have downloaded the ArDrive App on your mobile please follow this guide to securely get your digital wallet


ArDrive Mobile allows people a glimpse of the power of blockchain technology. Permanence is a new way to interact with data, but once you try it you will know the difference

Try ArDrive Mobile and feel the difference permanence makes!

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