Arweave Bundles: Scaling Data To The Arweave Network

Arweave has been a breakthrough in solving the problem of long-term data storage. However, there have been a few speed bumps in getting the protocol to take in large amounts of data in short periods of time.

Now, scaling the protocol to ingest large amounts of data has been solved with bundles. 

What is an Arweave Bundle? An Arweave bundle puts multiple transactions into one Arweave transaction, which is then sent to the network to be mined. This enables the amount of data and number of transactions to scale.

Additionally bundling services can guarantee that the transaction will get to the Arweave protocol, and allows for the transaction to be used immediately.

Let’s take a look at the world of Arweave bundles more in-depth! Here is a key takeway chart that outlines what we will walk through in this article: 





Uploading bulk data to Arweave protocol faced challenges like failed transactions, scalability issues, and rate-limits.


Arweave Bundles consolidate multiple user files into a singular transaction, improving data upload efficiency and reliability.

Core Benefits of Bundles

  1. Increased scalability for number and amount of data uploads.

  2. Ensured transaction delivery to the Arweave protocol.

Marching Towards Web2 Parity

Bundles and gateways are crucial advancements towards delivering Web2-like user experience on Web3 infrastructure.

Turbo: ArDrive’s Bundling Service

  1. Offering bundling and fiat payment services

  2. Turbo SDK for docs and tools

  3. Turbo Enterprise services


The Problem: Uploading Bulk Data To The Arweave Protocol

One of the most pressing issues faced by the Arweave protocol in its development was the challenge of uploading bulk data. To truly take advantage of permanent data storage, it’s vital to be able to transfer large quantities of data to the protocol both quickly and reliably.

In the initial stages of Arweave there were problems of getting your data to the protocol: 

  1. Failed transactions 

  2. Scalability issues 

  3. Rate-Limits

All of this added up to transactions not getting to the Arweave protocol. 

Enter Arweave Bundles. 

Unveiling Arweave Bundles

So, what exactly are these bundles?

Picture this: you’re trying to transfer files from ArDrive to the Arweave network. It’s not just a matter of sending from A to B. File size, concurrent uploads, and associated fees all play pivotal roles.

Think of it as shipping packages. Instead of mailing five separate gifts, it makes sense to send them all in one box. It’s cost-effective, simplifies tracking, and ensures all items reach the destination together.

Until recently, files sent to the Arweave Network via ArDrive functioned like individual packages, even if headed to the same endpoint. This fragmented approach resulted in inconsistent deliveries during network congestion, particularly for smaller files.

To address these issues, developers introduced a state-of-the-art delivery system: bundles. In essence, bundles consolidate multiple user files, allowing them to be sent as a singular transaction to the network.


Why Arweave Bundles Are Vital

Not only does it allow you to send multiple transactions into one larger transactions, a bundler service can guarantee that the transaction will get to the Arweave protocol and allow you to use that transaction immediately. 

  • Increased scalability by allowing large amounts of data onto the permaweb

  • Works with Bundler and Gateway services to guarantee the transaction will get to the Arweave protocol and allow you to use that transaction immediately

Marching towards Web2 parity

As the digital realm evolves, it’s crucial for web3 to catch up with web2 in terms of user experience (UX) and functionality. 

Building out the Arweave infrastructure stack with developments like Bundles and gateways are brining Web 3 to a point where people can have Web 2 like experiences on top of this tech. 

It will get to a point that people will not even be aware that it is a ‘web 3’ app. 

One of the advancements that pushes this further is ArDrive’s own bundling service, Turbo, that also offers a fiat payment service. See the Turbo docs. 

Introducing Turbo: ArDrive's bundling and payment powerhouse

What Exactly is Turbo?

At its core, Turbo offers two features: a bundling upload service and an accompanying payment service. 

Turbo’s Two Pillars

  1. Bundling Service: A service that streamlines the process of combining multiple files, preparing them for a smooth transaction to the network.

  2. Payment Service: A hassle-free system allowing users to settle upload fees using conventional payment methods.

With ArDrive’s Turbo you can now have all the advantages of a bundling service with an easy payment option of USD or other crypto currencies (coming soon). There is no need to have to secure the AR token to get your files on the Arweave blockchain. 

👀 Seeking to leverage a FIAT payment option for bundling services

🏗️ Building a front-end app to reliably send data to Arweave

🏗️ Building a back-end system that stores or backs up data to Arweave

As well, Turbo is open to any app or organization that would like to use it: 

  • Open-Source: Turbo SDK allows you to set up Turbo and configure to your apps needs

  • Enterprise: ArDrive’s service of running your uploads to Arweave


The Turbo SDK: Your Gateway to Advanced Features

Offering compatibility with both NodeJS and Web environments, the Turbo SDK is a versatile tool for anyone:

  • Exploring FIAT payment options for bundling services.

  • Creating a front-end application geared towards Arweave data transfer.

  • Designing a backend system focused on Arweave data storage or backup.

Like all offerings from ArDrive, the Turbo SDK takes pride in being open source. At the heart of ArDrive lies a singular mission: democratizing permanent storage access. With tools like the Turbo SDK, this dream is inching closer to large-scale realization.

Turbo Enterprise Services

Is your company or organization interested in getting bulk files onto Arweave in a cost-effective manner? 

We have worked with Fortune 500 companies to see them through the process. 

Contact our Enterprise services today to see how we can help you secure your files permanently!

More to come with bundles…

In a very short time, bundles have already become a vital part of the Arweave ecosystem. We are excited about all of the new things that bundles will do for ArDrive in the future:

  • Raising file size limits
  • Support other digital wallets 
  • Integrations with bundling networks
  • Different Payment Methods (including more crypto currencies!)

All of this means that bundles will make permanent data storage more accessible to everyone – our core mission at ArDrive. Follow us on Twitter or Discord for updates about when these new features have been implemented!

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