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ArDrive-Logo-Wordmark-Light.png Traditional Cloud Storage
Payment method One Time Payment Per File Monthly Subscription Fee
Cost Single file uploads are often a fraction of a cent Plans vary from free for small storage to much higher monthly fees for more significant storage
Storage length 200+ years As long as you pay your monthly subscription
Data Location Global, decentralized network Centralized data centres owned by the company
Backups Hundreds of replicas of each file distributed throughout the world One or two offsite backups
Account durability Inactive accounts never deleted Accounts tied to monthly subscription
Security Keep your personal files secure with top-level encryption Private encryption often unavailable; risk of data leaks from centralized password management
Anonymity Enabled through self-custodial wallet Disallowed - email or social media verification required
App access The ArDrive app will outlive the company, ensuring uninterrupted access Closed-source app subject to corporate control and profitability concerns
Version control Choose any version of the app to suit your needs Only the most recent version is available
Storage capacity No storage restrictions - just pay for what you need Storage based on subscription tiers with maximum storage amounts per tier
File Access Files are retrievable through any decentralized gateway using Access through centralized servers only
Tracking No collection of personal data (except as needed for credit card purchases) User tracking and big data collection
Developers Open source, permissionless code base Closed source with limited API access

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