Leading NFT project taps ArDrive on the shoulder to help make their NFTs permanent.

What are CrypToadz?

The NFT art world has caught all of our attention with numerous projects being launched. Many have achieved moderate success, while others have caught the imagination of the public… Cryptoadz is definitely in the latter category. 

CrypToadz is an NFT collection of 6969 small amphibious creatures trying to escape the tyrannical rule of the Evil King Gremplin. 

The collection was created by Gremplin, which was inspired by the CryptoPunk NFT collection.

Launched on Sept. 8th, 2021 CrypToadz is already one of the top 15 most traded NFT collections on OpenSea!

The team behind CrypToadz

Why did CrypToadz want permanent storage?

As mentioned above, CrypToadz trades on the popular platform OpenSea.  OpenSea’s default storage is on IPFS.   

Anybody who has launched a large project – NFT or otherwise – knows in order to get the project done on time that, in some areas, you go with the path of least resistance.

In their latest collection, to save time while using OpenSea, CrypToadz launched the most recent project on IPFS because of familiarity, but the plan wasn’t to stay there. 

However, the intention was always to migrate CrypToadz from IPFS to Arweave.  

When asked why they wanted to get their projects onto Arweave through ArDrive it was a simple answer: Toadz deserves to be around forever!

So CrypToadz asked the ArDrive team to help get all of the Toadz images and metadata onto Arweave.

Each collection is 7025 pngs plus 7025 Jsons – so how did we get them permanent?

The process that we took to help CrypToadz get permanent storage:

  1. CrypToadz downloaded and sent a zip file of all of their data assets (CrypToadz and Mistletoadz) 7000+ files in each.
  2. ArDrive created public drives and uploaded each set of the 7000+ files in each one.
  3. ArDrive exported the drive information to a CSV file so CrypToadz could update their JSON files for their NFT Contracts.
  4. CryptoToadz sent ArDrive the JSON files for CrypToadz and MistleToadz, and we uploaded them into two new, separate public drives, also using the web app
  5. ArDrive validated the uploads were all working by checking the drive stats and looking at file counts.
  6. ArDrive created manifests in each of the 4 public drives.
  7. ArDrive shared the drive links, the manifest links and the wallet with CrypToadz and they updated their NFT contracts.

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