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ArDrive is powerful app that will help you manage all of your files, photos, and data permanently.

Because permanent data is a brand new concept, we’re here to help. To get you started quickly, below are the top 12 FAQs for ArDrive. For further information on how to use ArDrive, visit our Knowledge Base or Learn page.

The Top 12 FAQs

You can create an account on ArDrive by going to the  Start page. The Get Started page will walk you through:
  1. Getting a digital wallet
  2. Setting up a password
  3. Using a credit card to fund your wallet Turbo credits used to purchase permanent storage
  4. Logging into ArDrive for the first time

Using ArDrive requires an Arweave Wallet. Creating an Arweave wallet is easy with ArDrive.

  1. Visit and click “Need A Wallet? Get One Here!”

  2. A 12 word seed phrase and keyfile are generated & option to download your keyfile.

  3. Write down the seed phrase & store it in a secure location. Confirm the seed phrase by providing the words ArDrive asks for in order to download the keyfile and continue using ArDrive.

  4. You now have your digital wallet to sign in to ArDrive.

There are two ways to pay for permanent storage:

  1. Use a credit card to purchase credits with the Turbo upload service. You can access Turbo through your profile and it is easy to get started.

  2. AR Token, which is the crypto token used to buy permanent storage through ArDrive and onto the Arweave protocol. Use a CEX or DEX to Fund Your Digital Wallet with AR.

Getting your NFTs onto Arweave is a popular use for ArDrive – many NFT artists have done it. However, to get there you will have to be familiar with Arweave Manifests and NFT Metadata. We have put together a few helpful guides to help you through the technical, but doable process:

  1. Manifests 101
  2. Arweave and NFT metadata
  3. Manifest Demo
Much of the functionality of the ArDrive Dashboard revolves around the NEW button in the top left corner. Pressing this new button gives you the ability to either create a new drive, file, or folder.


After selecting the Drive you want to store your file in simply press the NEW button in the top left corner, which will give you the options of uploading a file or folder to that drive.

After clicking on the ‘upload file’ button, ArDrive will access your desktop or mobile for you to choose the file you would like to upload.


Public and Private files can be quickly shared with anyone. To create a File Sharing link, click on and highlight the file you want to share.

This will expand the row of icons at the top right corner of your screen.


File Link

Click on the share icon indicated above and a window will pop up in the middle of your screen that contains a link. You can now copy the link and send it to whomever you want to share it with and they will have access to the file forever.

For more information please visit our knowledge base.

At this point we do not offer the ability to hide a file or a Drive, but we are working on this functionality. 

It is possible to detach a Shared Drive by clicking on the three dot navigation to the right of the drive and clicking “Detach Drive”.

For other Drives and files, the best workaround for now is to create a Junk folder and move all of your unwanted folders and files into it. Remember that files uploaded to ArDrive are permanent even if they are hidden or in a Junk folder.

  1. We use a colour coded dot system beside the file to let you know the status of your file upload:
    • 🟢 Green – your file has been uploaded permanently to the blockchain
    • 🟡 Yellow – the file is in transition to the blockchain and is still waiting to be added
    • 🔴 Red – the transaction did not go through, and you will need to try again
  2. If your file is public, check if the Public Preview of your file is available.
  3. Check if your Arweave Tx ID (found in the Info tab) is on Viewblock, the Arweave Block Explorer.

The maximum, individual public file size allowed is 1.27 GB per file.

The maximum, individual private file size allowed is 104 MB per file.

Need to upload bigger public or private files?
Try the ArDrive Command Line which lets you upload up to 2 GB for both public and private files.

All of the files that you put onto your Public Drive will be given a URL that can be searched and shared as any other web address.

To locate the full URL address and get a preview click on and highlight a file within your public folder.

In the icon list at the top, a square with a diagonal arrow will appear second from the left – this is the public preview button, as it will load or stream any compatible data right into your browser. This includes music, movies and PDFs.

For more information please visit our knowledge base.

To share a Drive, go to the list all your drives (below the NEW button) and select the Public Drive you wish to share.

To share this Drive, click on the three dot navigation on the top right and select “Share Drive”.

After clicking on the icon a text box will appear that has a link that you are able to copy and send to anyone of your choosing.

When the user receives your link and clicks on it they will be brought to that specific Drive and will be able to access the shared drive without needing an ArDrive account or login.

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