How to create a permanent link

If you are reading this you are probably already aware of the problem of broken links, and wondering if there is any way to actually have a permanent link! 

Information on the internet is not static, but fluid. With almost as much information disappearing from the internet every day that goes into it. 

This causes big problems in link rot (broken or dead links), technically, 404s. We have all experienced link rot – when you click onto a link and it goes to a 404 page saying it no longer exists. 

The content we publish is valuable and we want our research, books or public archives to live on for years. 

How to get a permanent link that will not get broken

With ArDrive the pay once, store forever file management app creating permanent links for any file is easy. 

ArDrive is built on top of the Arweave blockchain which is a permanent hard drive that never forgets. 

Every public file that is uploaded through ArDrive onto Arweave is automatically given a Permanent URL that will never disappear.  

How to get upload a file onto ArDrive and get the Permanent Link

To get the URL Permalink you will need to do two things: create a Public drive and upload a file – that’s it! But, let’s do a walk through to get it right 🙂 

1. With ArDrive all of the functionality you need will come by pressing the NEW button at the top left

2. Click on New, select New Drive and ensure it is Public. Only Public Files can have a permanent domain link. Private files stay private.

3. To Upload a File – click on the New Button 

4. Choose the file you want to upload from your Finder

5. You will be prompted to choose your payment method. 

6. You can now go to the preview button

7. This will take you to the new web page where you can get, copy, and paste your new URL from the browser

8. The URL is a little ugly right now, and friendly names are coming, but it still worksunder any highlighted text

Hard Drive 

8. Sleep well! You now have a permanent link that can never be broken!

Any type of file can be given a permanent link. If you have any .doc, pdf, .xls, .jpg etc. can all be uploaded with ArDrive to get a permanent link. 

No! ArDrive is a pay-once, store forever platform. All files only require a one-time payment fee. 
For example, a file that is 1 MB will be a fraction of a cent. 

Soon! The Arweave Name System which brings friendly names to the Permaweb is coming. Your permanent links can be given human readable names.

Yes. Use the links as you would use any others. 

Highlight the words you want to be clicked on and insert the permanent link given. 

This will work on any web page. 

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