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Universal Data License with the ArDrive CLI

The development of the Universal Data License (UDL) is a new and exciting way in which artists and content creators can preserve and distribute their work on their own terms.

Phone Free

How to use ArDrive for free

All uploads 500 KB or less are free on ArDrive! ArDrive lets you upload any file that is 500 KB or less for free. That’s …


ArDrive Difference

If you truly care about storing your data permanently, safely, and economically, why use ArDrive?


What is the permaweb?

The permaweb looks just like the normal web, but all of its content – from images to full web apps – is permanent, retrieved quickly, and decentralized – forever.


Dapp history of ArDrive

A look back at version 1.41.3 Most apps only let you use the most current version of their software.  Or at best you can access …


Family Historian

One of our favourite archivists is Papa Max. Max has discovered ArDrive, used it for archiving, and has helped us (and is helping us) make a better product for everyone.


Can You Store Private Data on a Blockchain?

Arweave remains the only permanent storage method to maintain NFT reliability and sustainability. Every NFT’s image and metadata is stored for at least 200 years when uploaded to the protocol.


Can data really be stored forever?

The statement that data can be stored forever for a one-time fee is a paradigm shift in the way we relate to and use data. …


How to create a permanent link?

There’s got to be a way to solve broken links! If you are reading this you are probably already aware of the problem of broken …


What is Arweave?

Most invention and innovation happens in small incremental steps. Someone notices a flaw in an existing product and makes a tweak to fix and improve …


Arweave vs. Filecoin

With so many new technologies and applications coming out every day, it is hard to know what they are and how to differentiate between them. …


Untamed Elephants

Untamed Elephants has already raised over $75,000 for three charity partners dedicated to saving African and Asian elephants. How are they raising this money? Using …

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