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Arweave File System (ArFS): Powerful Permaweb Tools

ArFS improves upon the standard file browsing experience of Arweave by adding the ability to create folders (data hierarchy), private encryption, file versioning, controlled sharing and more.

Can you store NFTs on Arweave?

Arweave remains the only permanent storage method to maintain NFT reliability and sustainability. Every NFT's image and metadata is stored for at least 200 years when uploaded to the protocol.

How much does it cost to store on Arweave?

The price to store data on Arweave is dynamic but tends to fluctuate within a narrow range of $6.35 to $8.50 per GB. In reality, for most uploaded files, this price difference will only be a fraction of a cent.

Bundles: How files get from ArDrive to the Arweave Network

We've made a major step forward with how files get from ArDrive to the Arweave network with a new technology called bundles.

Using ArDrive with OpenSea

The NFT craze has been heating up in the crypto world and OpenSea is at the center of it. But with all the attention around NFTs one of the biggest questions often remains unasked: Where is the NFT that I am buying or selling actually stored?

How to Archive a Website on the Permaweb

How do you archive your site without paying storage and server costs for years to come? It’s surprisingly hard to do. Fortunately, the permaweb can help.

How to use ArDrive for free

Pro tips on how to explore, download, share and even upload files for free on ArDrive.

What are ArDrive Tokens?

ArDrive tokens (ↁ) enable you to receive a share of the tips generated from all ArDrive transactions on the network and vote in the strategic direction of the application and community.

Can data really be stored forever?

Many people react skeptically to Arweave's claim of data permanence because it seems impossible and has never been achieved before. Let's explore the proof for the viability of this claim.

Arweave vs Filecoin

Both are decentralized data storage solutions built on blockchain technology. Arweave is focused on the problem of long-term data storage, whereas Filecoin is trying to disrupt the existing cloud storage market.

What is ArDrive?

As the world has entered the information age a new problem has arisen for basically everyone on the planet: How do I keep my data stored for long periods of time?

What is Arweave?

Most invention and innovation happens in small incremental steps. But once in a while, an innovation takes a giant step forward and completely changes the space it is in. Arweave is one of these disruptive types of innovation.

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