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The world’s first decentralized storage app is now available for mobile devices. 

Permanence .

We’ve made it easier to save your photos for a lifetime. 
Upload with ArDrive straight from your phone and save your favorite files forever.

The internet isn't forever.

Make sure your data is.

Our new mobile app offers the same true data ownership and pay-once pricing as our desktop version.

  • Easy to use. All popular ArDrive features are available on the mobile app.
  • Use ArDrive anywhere. Don’t wait until you are back home on your desktop.
  • Biometric login. Sign-in to ArDrive quickly with your face or touch ID.

Get Started

With ArDrive, you have complete control over your files and who can see them. Your privacy is our priority; even our team cannot access your files. This high level of data confidentiality is maintained through the use of digital wallets.

As you get started with the ArDrive mobile app, you’ll be given a digital wallet with Arweave, the network used to provide permanent data storage. Your digital wallet provides secure access to your ArDrive account and also holds credits purchased with your credit card to get permanent data.

Your New Wallet

After downloading the Mobile app, you’ll be able to create a digital wallet. You will be given a seed phrase that will be used to generate your digital wallet when your return to ArDrive to login. As well you will be given a keyfile to download that can also be used to login.

Note: Please record, download, and your seed phrase and keyfile in a safe place. Only you have access to these and, if they are lost, you will not be able to access your account.

If you have an Arweave wallet loaded with some AR, you’ll simply need to get your wallet securely transferred to your phone. Try one of the following: 

  • Apple:  Airdrop your digital wallet (a JSON file) from your Mac to your iPhone.  
  • Android:  use Nearby Share to send the wallet (a JSON file) from your computer to your Android device
  • Cable transfer:  transfer the file securely by using a data cable from your desktop directly to your mobile device

We recommend that you delete the JSON file after you first sign in to the ArDrive mobile app. The app will store your wallet in an encrypted area on your phone so nobody else can access it.

For security purposes, we do not recommend emailing your JSON file to yourself on your phone as this will put your wallet on your email provider’s servers.

Note:  If you have already used ArDrive to store a significant amount of permanent data (more than 5 GB) on your wallet, it may not sync with the mobile app. 

Get Credits for Larger Uploads

Use your credit card to purchase Credits to upload larger files on ArDrive. At this time Credits cannot be purchased through the Mobile app, but need to be purchased through the web app.

Credits purchased in the web app can be easily used in the mobile app.

In addition, you can use the Arweave Token (AR) to purchase permanent storage.

Learn more about funding your wallet

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