Estimated Cost


Less than $0.01

  • Save Word Docs and PDFs permanently for less than a penny


$ 0.02

  • Archive most photos forever for just a cent or two



  • Save your videos up to 100 MB forever for 50 cents or less

ArDrive charges for uploads on a pay-per-file basis. It's always free to download your data or share one of your Public drives.


Discover how much storage you need and see prices in USD, EUR or JPY.
See how many files you can archive permanently for just $1.

Cost Comparsion (20 GB)

The following chart compares the cost of storing 20 GB of data over time. It assumes that monthly costs from traditional cloud providers will remain constant. ArDrive's cost may initially be higher but will provide substantive savings over time.

Chart Notes:  Data compiled in January 2021.  For 20 GB of data, Dropbox charges $9.99 per month; Google One charges $2.79 a month; ArDrive charges around $6.00-$9.00 per GB.

Using the AR Token

Permanent data storage is based on the Arweave network and funded by AR, the digital currency associated with Arweave, the inventors of the permaweb. AR is used to pay the global network of operators who maintain the permaweb.  Although AR may have price fluctuations, the network adjusts storage costs dynamically to keep prices predictable with only slight price movements.

We can help you get started with some free AR or you can purchase AR with a credit card.  Dig into the questions below to get started.