The first open source bundler for the Arweave ecosystem

What is a Bundler? 

A bundler is a service responsible for accepting transactions or data items from users, packaging them together, and posting them to the Arweave network as a single larger transaction with a guarantee that they will be uploaded.

The Turbo Bundler is:

  • open source software kit
  • software as a service that we operate 
  • easily swapped between bundlers
Turbo has two components:
  • an upload service (how bundled uploads to Arweave are done)
  • a payment service bridging fiat to crypto including AR, ETH and SOL  NEW!
The fast lane to permanence
Turbo has been designed and built for enterprise level scale and security, having been trusted by Meta to handle their uploads to Arweave.
  • Optimistic, instant data caching, using
  • Optimistic, near instant GraphQL indexing cross-chain token address indexing, using
  • Irys-compatible transaction status endpoint for checking transaction finality.
Development and Integration
  • Rich documentation for developer integrations, SDK and Turbo APIs
  • Deploy your own upload and payment services for bundling data and sending to Arweave.
  • Flexible typescript SDK for seamless web and NodeJS integration.
  • Development and testing environment.
  • Arweave ecosystem supported query packages.
  • Built for scale and trusted by enterprises.
  • Cryptographic sign in using Arweave, Ethereum, Solana or other Irys-compatible keys.
  • Arweave ecosystem supported web wallets and providers.
  • Run by PDS, the same team that has been operating since March 2022, with over 1.8B transactions indexed and accessible.
  • First bundling services launched in October 2022, with as ArDrive Turbo launching in July 2023.
  • Payments with AR, ETH and SOL  NEW!
  • Instantly fund your Turbo account with your credit card.
  • Leverage other Turbo benefits like Gifting and Coupon Codes.
  • Irys-compatible single request or multipart uploading.
  • Proven, high layer 2 transactional throughput with 860/sec sustained on Dec. 18th and Dec. 19th.
  • Irys-compatible receipts with transaction id, high resolution timestamp, upload price and cryptographic signature.
  • Open source infrastructure and software development kit with AGPL 3.0 licensing.

Turbo Performance

Data from January 4, 2024

It’s clear that Turbo is proven to perform like (or better than) any other Arweave bundler. See the latest stats on Viewblock:

Not one but many

Global reliance on centrally controlled services is not healthy for blockchain ecosystems. 

Users should have options and blockchain networks should have client diversity.

If we’re serious about securing data forever, we must strive for robust decentralized open source software and infrastructure. Where these options are not available, then centralized services should be transparent and as open as possible. They should be verifiable and allow anyone to run their own version. We built Turbo on these principles and will continue to evolve it to the needs of the community.

As Sam Williams likes to say: build protocols not productocols.

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