Permanent Storage for Startups

Turbo was built to help you get data onto Arweave at scale without messing with any cyptocurrency. It is an open source, uploading service that provides a faster, and more reliable upload experience for anyone permanently storing data. We paired it with simple, fiat payment options so it is as easy as checking out at any store on the internet. Developers can integrate Turbo into their app or platform, and quickly enable the benefits of permanent storage without worrying about the complexities of storing data directly onchain.

Turbo Launchpad is a program that grants startups free storage credits to start using Turbo. With the help and guidance from the team behind Turbo, startups will be able to use these credits to upload their data onto Arweave and see the difference permanence makes.

Once accepted, you’ll receive a substantial grant of free Turbo credits and a fixed timeframe in which to utilize them.

This package is designed to amplify your project’s success, offering you the tools and knowledge to navigate the future of data storage. Guidance and insights directly from our experts will help you navigate this new technology and ensure your project maximizes the benefits of permanent storage.

This also includes privileged support via a dedicated Discord channel and live monthly working sessions and/or AMAs with our team.

Collaboration is key to our mutual success.

Joining the Turbo Launchpad not only elevates your startup through free storage credits and our dedicated support but also amplifies your visibility. We’re excited to showcase your innovations on our social media platforms, engaging our community with your work. Beyond that, our commitment to co-marketing aims to forge a strong partnership, driving mutual growth by leveraging the combined strength of our communities.

What is permanent data?

Arweave is a groundbreaking blockchain network that pioneered permanent data: long-term, immutable data storage for a single price. You can think of it as a global permanent hard drive that never forgets.  Why store data permanently on Arweave?

Once stored, your data becomes unchangeable, protecting its integrity forever.

Easily trace the history of your data, ensuring transparency and trust.

Spread across a decentralized network, your data is safeguarded against localized disasters.

Our data can be seamlessly accessed and utilized by other apps and platforms, fostering innovation and collaboration.

Apply here, and someone from the Permanent Data Solutions (PDS) team will respond soon. If we’re interested in learning more, we’ll schedule a short introductory meeting to chat through next steps and answer any questions.

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