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Vibrant Content creates captivating websites for nonprofits, using ArDrive to help keep their research and stories alive for generations to come.

Jacob, the founder and owner of Vibrant Content, has always loved design and telling beautiful stories. Vibrant Content has found a niche creating and telling the stories of nonprofits. Vibrant Content’s websites have helped serve amazing projects around the world from teaching better gardening tips in Zimbabwe, preserving artifacts in Mongolia, to helping care for the homeless in Toronto.

The challenge

Working with nonprofits as a service provider always involves bumping into the question of lack of resources. Most organizations are conscious of expenses, but non-profits, in particular, are often cash-strapped with very limited budgets. Jacob has always been in search of technology to help keep costs down and leverage an organization’s ability to to tell their story well. 

As Jacob put it when talking about researchers, “Many of our academic clients have a similar problem: when grant funding runs out, their website dies and their research results often die along with it.

The solution

As Jacob stumbled upon ArDrive and permanent data storage he immediately saw the numerous applications for his clients. For instance, in the world of academic research, Jacob said, “Permanent data solves this problem for researchers ensuring their hard-earned research results outlive them.”  

Therefore, if the funding ever runs out for the website, access to the research does not have to run out as well. Since, ArDrive is pay-once-store-forever the information will still be accessible permanently through ArDrive and the permaweb even when the funding stops. 

Vibrant Content presents the academic researchers with a truly value added service – permanent data that can be easily created through ArDrive and incorporated into the website. 

The results

Many of Vibrant’s clients have jumped at the chance to incorporate permanent data into their existing websites and knowledge bases.  They have seen it as both an effective and cost-effective way to keep what is dear to their hearts – their research, their articles, their content to help others – around for future generations to use and build on. 

As Jacob testifies,

Our clients have been thrilled to know that their research is some of the first added to the permaweb and that it will be around to serve future generations.

ArDrive is helping them to share their content across the world and across time for future generations.

The future with ArDrive

As more of Vibrant Content’s clients continue to choose permanent storage within their projects, Vibrant Content has made it part of their business plan. As Jacob shared, “We already include permanent data storage through ArDrive in all of our academic proposals.  I’m hoping to expand this to make permanent archives of websites so that not just the research but the entire ‘digital context’ of that research can be preserved.”

Academics have been a particular win, but many nonprofits are seeing the value of having their resources stored permanently for generations so their work can be available to future generations.

You can find Jacob and Vibrant Content in beautiful Victoria, Canada. When Jacob isn’t spending time with his wife and two girls you can find him out paddleboarding on the ocean or lakes around Victoria.

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