A first wave Instragrammer finally has a place to feel secure about storing his photos with ArDrive

Anthony was there before hashtags and @replies. An original beta-tester of Instagram, Anthony went on to become one of the founders of Instagram NYC. In the early days, he would walk around New York with friends and take Instagram photos of the city to share all over the world. 

He liked connecting with people from places such as Florida, Berlin, London, and the UAE.  As Anthony put it, “There wasn’t any kind of clout chasing or things like that, just people sharing real moments from all around the world.”

Anthony became so good at it he even developed the first influencer marketing agency for Instagram, helping many household name brands learn how to use Instagram for their businesses.

The problem

Anyone who has taken hundreds of photos on their phone (most of us) has a common problem: where do you store them all?  Anthony has kept using Instagram as an archiving service even though he admits that “it is not what it is for”. 

As well, Anthony has lived through the pain losing digital photos. For example, he had thousands of photos in one large zip file that became unusable. As he explained,when I tried to load it up several years later, it was corrupted and everything that I had saved was for naught.”  

His current photo storage situation is summed up this way: “97% of them are saved on my phone… but I’m one iCloud hack away from losing them all.”

The solution

When Anthony discovered ArDrive he has started to migrate his photos off of hard drives and onto ArDrive.

“It’s certainly freeing up space on my hard drives. There’s a peace of mind that comes with knowing my photos have a home forever that I can access. I’ve uploaded only a fraction of the photos I have to a public drive and knowing that they’ll be around longer than I am on the permaweb is something special.”

The results

Anthony has curated a number of photos and is planning on sharing them with the world by turning some of them into NFTs to share with the world (and maybe make a few dollars from them!).

If you have an ArDrive account you can view some of Anthony’s photos on his Public Drive:

If you don’t have an account create one for free and then click on the button above and you can attach the drive and browse through his photos. 

If you have an ArDrive account you can view some of Anthony’s photos on his Public Drive:

The Future

As Anthony is curating all of his photos for ArDrive he has a big hope that will help the process even more: ArDrive mobile!  As Anthony explains: “I can’t wait for the day that permanent data goes mobile – when I can have my photos taken on my phone uploaded through ArDrive. I’m also excited to look back on these photos – a lot of them are already a decade old at this point and it’s a trip to think back to what I was doing when I took them. In another 10 years, even if my memories have faded, I know the photos will be there.” 

ArDrive mobile is on our road map and with ArDrive’s filing and tagging system you can help make sure that you know where they all came from. We may forget, but ArDrive will remember them forever! 

Most days Anthony can be found walking around New York taking pictures, noodling on his guitar and cheering for his Mets.

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