The permanent storage solution to ensure that your NFTs last for generations.

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The permanent storage solution to ensure that your NFTs last for generations.

NFTs make the internet ownable. But for them to last, the storage layer underneath must be as good as the creation on top of it.

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A simple way to think about NFTs are as media files that have been given special features because of blockchain technology.

This means they can't be copy-pasted, edited, deleted, or otherwise manipulated. But, it doesn’t mean that the storage of it is, necessarily, safe.

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NFTs can uniquely represent a number of pieces of media. The media can be anything digital, including art, videos, music, gifs, games, text, memes, and code.

The beautiful thing about NFTs is they take away the middleman and allow creators from a wide, wide circle to be able to sell their works directly and capture more value.

Where did my NFT go?

NFTs have been a revolution. It has opened up a new world for creatives and artists to sell their own works. But when you buy an NFT how do you know it is going to be around in 20 years? Who is paying to store it? And what if they stop? 

For NFTs to work, the underlying storage must work or the NFT will simply disappear. Unfortunately, many NFTS are living on temporary storage devices. 

For many of those works this type of question will eventually come: Where did the NFT I spent $1000 dollars on go?

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Permanent is the fundamental part of the infrastructure of ArDrive

With NFTs on ArDrive you do not have to worry about the NFT you sell ever disappearing. Permanence is part of the infrastructure of the storage system. Every NFT minted or stored on ArDrive will be around for lifetimes. This is what the creators (and the owners of the NFT) get every time with ArDrive NFTs.

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ArWeave File System (ARFS) and Customizable MetaData

ArDrive created its own protocol - ARFS - for getting metadata onto your files in the Arweave network, and it is powerful. Look at what it can do for you: 

  • Standardized and flexible means of defining your custom metadata for your NFT
  • Supports parent/child inheritance and version control
  • JSON of metadata properties and rules
  • Can be queried by any application using Arweave GQL

COMING SOON: Minting and Cross-Platform Functionality

We're exploring integrations to any Arweaved-based NFT can be minted directly via ArDrive and then traded on other platforms such as:


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