The ArDrive CLI (Command Line Interface) is the best way to interact with ArDrive from the terminal and to bring the power of the Arweave File System to your automation and bulk file upload workflows.

Our CLI is a Node.js application for terminal-based ArDrive workflows. You can use the CLI to upload public or private files up to 2 GB, and monitor network health and transaction statuses. It also offers utility operations for securely interacting with Arweave wallets and inspecting various Arweave blockchain conditions.

Our CLI includes the following powerful features:

  • Fee boosting for transaction prioritization during periods of network congestion
  • Inspect and output any Drive, folder, and file entity you would like, public or private
  • Plan your upload and get price quotes first with a dry run

See ArDrive CLI on Github


Arweave File System (ArFS) is a data modeling, storage, and retrieval protocol designed to emulate common file system operations and to provide aspects of mutability to your data hierarchy on Arweave’s otherwise permanent, immutable data storage blockweave.  It gives you the power and flexibility of a file system and total control over the privacy of your data on Arweave.

Due to Arweave’s permanent, immutable and public nature traditional file system operations such as permissions, file/folder renaming and moving, and file updates cannot be done by simply updating the on-chain data model.

ArFS works around this by implementing a privacy and encryption pattern and defining an append-only transaction data model using tags within Arweave Transaction headers.


ArDrive Core is the best way to programmatically interact with ArDrive in a Node.js environment.  It is a TypeScript library that provides the essential building blocks that support the ArDrive CLI.  See it on GitHub

Arweave and NFT Metadata

Although Arweave provides its own form of Metadata to aid applications with more enhanced functionality, Arweave can also be utilized to store specific NFT Metadata on the permaweb in order to provide data permanence to NFTs. Learn about the specific utilizations of Metadata in these two very distinct scenarios.

Turbo Bundler

The first open source bundler for the Arweave ecosystem. Turbo has been designed and built for enterprise level scale and security, having been trusted by Meta to handle their uploads to Arweave.


Turbo SDK

Turbo SDK on Arweave brings programmable fiat top ups, Turbo-powered upload reliability, & fast data and indexing finality.

This SDK is ideal if you are:

  • Seeking to leverage a FIAT payment option for bundling services
  • Building a front-end app to reliably send data to Arweave
  • Building a back-end system that stores or backs up data to Arweave

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