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What makes ArDrive different from existing cloud storage options?

We agree that the world does not need another Dropbox or Google Drive. What we need is a different solution to storing data that puts the control back in the hands of the users.

We know you have many storage options and in 2024 there are numerous subscription services that require you to pay monthly to store your digital photos, personal files, business documents, or NFTs. 

Whether you are a content creator, digital native, or simply someone who cares about the data that lives and breathes on your devices, it is hard to know which service is the best.

If you truly care about storing your data permanently, safely, and economically, why use ArDrive?

The current digital storage options

When we survey the current landscape most people use a combination of cloud applications, social media sites, and personal hard drives to store their digital files.

  • Cloud applications like Dropbox and Google Drive have developed a great user experience, but they are still prone to data loss, security breaches, and have subscription payments
  • Social media sites have become a defacto personal archive for most users, but data loss, lack of ownership of data, and termination of accounts are common place
  • Personal hard drives are often inconvenient and are becoming obsolete – not to mention the horror stories and expense of trying to recover faulty hard drives!

And, the most common problem they all share is that they are temporary and require subscription payments. None of them offers a long-term storage solution.

We deleted the delete button

ArDrive is Permanent

ArDrive is built upon Arweave, which provides long-term permanent technology that enables any type of digital data to be stored for your lifetime but probably much longer.

No longer do you need to worry about the complex and multifaceted approach to storing your most valuable data. No longer do you need a combination of cloud storage, hard drives, memory sticks, and third-party solutions.

With ArDrive, all of your files become part of the Arweave blockchain where they will never be deleted. And you have the choice to keep those files private forever or share them publicly. Once your most important files are uploaded through ArDrive they will outlive you, your children, and your great-grandchildren.

This allows not only our personal data to be kept safely, but will, also, allow new types of applications to be built and business problems to be solved with the foundation of permanent data. Learn more

ArDrive is Pay Once

We’re all far too familiar with paying monthly subscriptions. With data storage, this usually equates to paying for a bunch of storage space you actually do not actually need.

ArDrive does away with subscriptions. Any file that you upload is only paid for once, then stored forever.

Your data will be secured by your initial payment and you will never be asked to pay another penny more for what you uploaded. You will only ever be asked to pay a one-time fee when you upload new data through ArDrive.

The fees are reasonable and will always come out as the low-cost option within a few years compared to other storage alternatives. See a breakdown of our pricing

ArDrive puts you in Control

When you put your files onto ArDrive you are the one who controls the data. Each time you upload a file you can either make it private or public.  If you make it private only you will see the data. No one else can access or see your files – not even us! We let you share your files your way.  

If you make the file public, the entire world can see it. Nobody will be able to take the file down as it takes a permanent place in the Arweave blockchain.

This is digital data as it should be, where it puts owners in charge of their own information without being subject to the tech company. Learn more

ArDrive is New Features

Permanent data lets you have new features that were not possible before with traditional cloud storage. 
  • Save all of your creations and digital assets for lifetimes and preserve the access, value, and authenticity (Learn More)
  • Put all of your data onto the permaweb giving you no more broken links and lost data
  • Hosting of dapps and websites for a one-time cost
  • Open source for developers to create from

ArDrive is for You

So why use ArDrive? At ArDrive our mission has always been to make permanent data available to everyone.  We are excited about all of the different people and groups who have been able to benefit from the power of permanent data.

Individuals – Everyday new people from around the world are storing their most valuable items through ArDrive. All of its out-of-the-box functionality makes it an easy to use app for your permanent data needs.

NFT projects – ArDrive has become the home for a number of small-to-large NFT projects. From digital art to gaming to music, a growing number of artists have chosen to use ArDrive to organize and manage their files on the permaweb.

Developers – With ArDrive powered by ArFS and our core library developers can save time when building in the Arweave ecosystem with the power and flexibility of our file system, toolkits, and CLI. ArFS is open-source and free to use. Learn more

Enterprise Solutions – Organizations have noticed the power of ArFS and are working with the ArDrive team to manage their internal documents and work flows.

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