your data your way

The way it should be

Use ArDrive and take control of your own data. Share what you want to share. Keep your files private or share them with whoever you choose.

Data Privacy

Just like you we place the highest priority on data privacy. We don’t take any personal information and nobody has access to your account except for yourself. Your data in ArDrive truly belongs only to you.

Public Drives

Put anything you want in a Public Drive - recipes, books, newspaper articles, photos, stories, personal movies - and make it available for the world to see, forever. No going back! Once a Public Drive is created it will always be public. Your Public Drives will outlive you.

Private Files

Want to keep your files just to yourself? No problem! Any file uploaded can be designated private, which offers top of the line encryption and security so it will be safe in your personal vault.

Easy File Sharing

Choose to share your private and public files with anyone you like. An ArDrive account is not needed to access the shared file. Create a drive for family photos, pass on an important document to a colleague, or publish a file to a website.

No email required.

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