Dapp history of ArDrive

A look back at version 1.41.3

Most apps only let you use the most current version of their software.  Or at best you can access to the few most recent releases. At ArDrive, we’re keeping full-functional historic copies of our decentralized app (dapp) available for you to use. This is just one of the advantages of permanent data!

Permanent versions of the app

You can find the latest permanent version of the ArDrive Web dapp at https://dapp.ardrive.io

The following table of version numbers and transaction IDs (tx IDs) are the official ArDrive uploads to the permaweb. Click on a version you want to explore or see them all by attaching our Drive of permanent versions

ArDrive Web App

What happens to your data if the ArDrive team disappears?

The short and complete answer is: nothing.

This is because all of your data AND the previous versions of the ArDrive app have become decentralized data/apps when they were put onto the permaweb. What does this mean? 

The permaweb is a permanent web, where all of the files, photos, websites, and apps put on there will outlive us. And, it is decentralized, which means that all of the data has been replicated numerous times, and is in 100s of different locations. 

So if the ArDrive team disappears you can still access you data and use one of these dapp versions of ArDrive on the permaweb to access your files. 

Let’s look at how this works more in depth. 

How does this work?

ArDrive is built on top of Arweave, which is known as the blockchain that saves data permanently. Up to now most of the attention about Arweave has been focused on saving files, photos, and NFTs, but it is also possible to host applications and websites on Arweave. 

This is going to be a game changer for the internet going forward. 

For example, has an app you loved to use ever stopped being supported by the makers and disappeared? Has a company ever updated their app and you wished you could continue to use the old version? 

With Arweave, the permaweb, and decentralization this problem goes away. 

Imagine, for instance, if you could still use the original Instagram – or any update along the line? 

How Arweave creates apps that last forever

With Arweave, you have access to a full version history of your favorite permaweb dApps, through the awesome power of decentralization. 

The permaweb gives us an opportunity to build a more secure and permanent internet through decentralization. But how is this possible? By eliminating single points of failure, Arweave is a decentralized hard drive, and the permaweb that sits on top of it is a decentralized internet. So what does that look like in practice?

Let’s take ArDrive, for example. They have a public site and an app they are centrally hosted with potential points of failure. The team could decide they don’t want to work on the app anymore. They could change the key features. Maybe they are adding ads or the entire app is neon purple including the text?

But when we save this app to the permaweb, there are no central points of failure you have access to whole version history and it can never be changed. We can access a few different versions of ArDrive from any gateway running ar.io network software.

There’s ardrive.ar-io.dev – a permanent, decentrally hosted & deployed website served by an ar.io Gateway.

There’s dapp_ardrive.ar-io.dev – a permanent & decentrally hosted & deployed dApp for uploading data to Arweave through ArDrive.

Or, like we said before, if you’re a fan of the original design, you can always use the OG version! Og_dapp_ardrive.ar-io.dev.

ardrive.io circa 2021

The benefits of dapps

dApps on Arweave give users greater control over their data and digital experiences. Users can access different versions of a dApp, each serving a specific purpose or catering to personal preferences. This control over app versions allows users and developers to be empowered. 

No longer do users have to go along with the latest version of the app being offered.

Of course, most users like their apps to be updated with better features and functionality. 

However, the onus becomes on the developers to provide an actual better experience to the app or the users of the app can simply choose to stay with the older version they are using. 

In addition, users do not have to worry about an app they like becoming obsolete or discontinued because their dapp is stored on the permaweb, and that is not going away. 

Continue to follow ArDrive as we update our app on the pemaweb, so you could use any version you like. And, hopefully, with each app we are making it better for our users so they come along with us. 

Learn how to publish your own dapp with just a few clicks with ArDrive.

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