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Cryptocurrency Accountancy Firm Myna Taps ArDrive for a Permanent Decentralized Data Storage Solution

APRIL 7, 2022, NEW JERSEY, USA:  ArDrive, the easiest way to permanently store your data on Arweave, is proud to announce its entry into enterprise storage by partnering with Myna, the UK’s leading crypto accountancy firm. The shift in companies switching from centralized services like Office 365 to decentralized protocols is taking shape with Myna leading the way.

Built on top of the permanent data storage protocol, Arweave, ArDrive is able to securely and permanently store Myna’s customer documents on the blockchain. Because of Arweave’s immutable nature the documents cannot be tampered with and are permanently accessible, by the owner.

“Switching to ArDrive from OneDrive means Myna can break free from Big Tech and leverage the power of a decentralized blockchain network. This puts our customers in control of their data while feeling safe about the longevity of their files,” says Joe David CEO at Myna. “With ArDrive our customers are ensured of data integrity, accuracy and consistency for their accounting and tax documents prepared by Myna. Regulatory compliance is achieved through their files because of the immutable and time-stamped records of the blockchain.”

Harley Swann, one of the pilot users of the program, says “ArDrive provides me with the ability to take true ownership and security of my data. All within a decentralized network that secures my privacy whilst providing limitless file storage without subscription fees holding me back.”

With military grade encryption applied to all private files stored on ArDrive, Myna customers have full control over who can access their documents. Namely, those they feel comfortable sharing their private files with.

Going forward, Myna customers can take comfort knowing ArDrive provides all the security, accessibility, and validation for maintaining their archives or regulatory compliance over long periods of time.

ArDrive is a private, secure, decentralized, pay-as-you-go, censorship-resistant and permanent data storage solution, for everyone. Get in touch with ArDrive, the easiest way to permanently store your data on Arweave.

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