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Click on any folder and download, share, or preview any file.  Embed drives and folders or your own site. And, see the full-size version in your browser.

This Drive was embedded on this webpage by obtaining a Share File link in ArDrive.  Learn more

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What you are seeing above is what a Public Drive looks like in an ArDrive account. 

It’s as easy as clicking on a link to get your first taste of ArDrive. 

Check out the files in each folder. 

  • Preview any file 
  • Download any file 
  • Share any file

Public Drives are open to the world for anybody to see at any time – even if they don’t have any ArDrive account. Drives can include photos, books, videos, art, research or other content curated by ArDrive users they want to share for permanent public use.

Share a Public Drive or Folder

You can share ArDrive public drives and folders easily with anyone – even if they do not have an ArDrive account.  

Hit the share icon to copy a link and send it to anyone you want and they will be able to access the Public Drive.

Or embed (just like we are doing on this page) any public drive or folder into your website to share helpful resources. 

As you can see, Public Drives are a great way to archive and share collections of content from the permaweb. It’s always free to share public Drives and to download files on ArDrive.

Embed Drives and Folders on Your Own Site

Do you want to put an ArDrive Public Drive, photo or video on your own site? 

Embed a File

The above image was embedded on this webpage for easy downloads.  Videos or other types of files can be embedded in a similar manner. To embed a file, obtain a Share File link in ArDrive then use the following code, replacing “src” with your Share File link:
<iframe src="https://app.ardrive.io/#/file/bd715af6-55d8-4b70-9da7-7a79888acec1/view" width=”90%” height=”720″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”>

Embed a Drive

Obtain a Share File link in ArDrive then use the following code, replacing “src” with your Share File link
<div style=”overflow: hidden; margin-right: -190px;"><center><iframe style=”margin-top: -100px; margin-bottom: 0px; margin-left:-460px;” src=”https://app.ardrive.io/#/drives/afb4ceb6-1705-4a34-9abc-57ce31e78f36?name=Welcome+to+ArDrive/?theme=dark&embedded=true” width=”90%” height=”720″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”></iframe></center></div>

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