Keep all of your most important personal and business files organized and easy to access

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Keep all of your most important personal and business files organized and easy to access

We may be required to keep our business records for 5, 10, or 50 years.  And we want to keep our personal files for a lifetime and beyond.  Never lose track of your files.

Whether it is 7 years of taxes you must keep on file, or architectural drawings that the government requires you to keep for 50 years - ArDrive can help. 

ArDrive will provide all the flexibility, detail and validation needed for managing and organizing your archives or regulatory compliance over vast periods of time.


Each immutable (unchanging) record will be time-stamped at the moment it is uploaded onto the Arweave network. 

It is proof that your information is 100% accurate and unchanged from the time of uploading.

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COMING SOON: Versioning

Of course, documents are not static and go through many interactions. 

Track all your changes and scroll through the history of saved copies of the document and access any of the uploaded documents. 

Intuitive Folder and File Management System

Rename, move, and change files and drives easily to adapt to your personal or internal business filing system.

Choose whether you want to keep the files private or share them with someone (or everyone) and make them public. 

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Redundancy and Integrity of Data

Any archiver knows that redundancy is key and that multiple copies are needed to ensure integrity of the data. All of your records are continually verified and checked by the network daily so nothing gets lost. 

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There will be more than 5,670 validations of your data transaction every day going forward. That means the integrity of your data will be checked once ever 14.4 seconds. This is the highest level of data validation currently available.
Sam Williams, Founder of Arweave


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