Our innovative rewards programs gives users something no other storage app offers: ownership of the platform

D Coin

Become part of the new tech movement where users earn rewards and ownership for simply using the product.

Take part in our current (and future) rewards programs by uploading files. That's it!  Simply using ArDrive gives you access to the benefits of owning this new platform. 

The ArDrive Token

  • Acquiring ArDrive tokens (ↁ) enable you to receive a share of the tips generated from all ArDrive transactions on the network
  • Each Token allows the owner to vote on community initiatives
  • Each Token is eligible to receive the ‘tips’ that are received as people upload files onto ArDrive 
D Bubble
Token Diagram

Earn Rewards

  • Earn ArDrive tokens through our rewards and referral programs
  • The Dust rewards program gives tokens daily to top uploaders
  • Our referral program rewards referrers with both the ArDrive token (ↁ) and Arweave token (AR). Learn more
  • Tips are distributed daily through the Arweave token to our community based on the number of uploads

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