No more faulty links or missing web pages. Finally, permanent web pages for the first time. 

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No more faulty links or missing web pages. Finally, permanent web pages for the first time.

Archive any web page on the internet to live forever on the permaweb

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We all imagine the internet to be timeless ... however, this is simply not true – the traditional web is shockingly fragile and not at all immortal. Over 20 years, 98.4% of web links suffer from rot, becoming totally inaccessible to future generations. ... Even the most prestigious institutions in the world really struggle with link rot — 50% of U.S. Supreme Court opinions contain dead links, and so do 70% of Harvard academic journals.
Arweave, Link Rot: The Web is Decaying

Welcome to the permaweb

The permaweb is just like the web you are used to - with links and applications to use - except links on this one will not disappear!  Each archived webpage or public drive will be given a unique URL from the Arweave network and become part of the permaweb. 

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Links that last forever

With the new URL you can add it into any of your documents and point to the appropriate webpage or article like you are used too. Even if the original source is taken down - no worries - your document will be pointing to the archived version on the permaweb. It's a long URL that lasts a really long time. 

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A permaweb link is also generated with all public drives.

When you create a public drive with photos, videos or any other files, you'll also get a unique permalink that never expires.

Archive any webpage with ArConnect

Use the ArConnect extension for Google Chrome to quickly archive any web page on the internet and save it directly to ArDrive.

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