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Are you looking to get involved in the ArDrive community? Join through the Community Contributor Checklist and bring your skills to the backbone of Web 3.0 permanent storage!

ArDrive, the Mission of Permanent Data, and You

At ArDrive our mission is to bring permanent data storage into the hands of everyone.

It turns out that people from all over want this too.  We have seen diverse uses of the platform from individuals, to NFT projects, to applications to enterprise accounts.

As ArDrive continues to grow there is more opportunity for the community to take part, and, also, we need the help of the community to make the mission of permanent data for everyone a reality.

This is why we have created the Community Contributor Checklist.

The Community Contributor Checklist are different tasks that community members can help with to enhance ArDrive and, in turn, give them a greater role within the community.


Who is the Community Contributor Checklist for?

We are welcoming everyone with different talents - from developers to technical writers to content creators to community supports - to join in!

There are a variety of ways for the community to contribute — you may even have your own idea to add. If you’d like access into the ArDrive ecosystem, this is your chance to participate.

Each contributor will be a part of valuable, growing projects and get a first-hand look at exciting developments in the ArDrive community. Arweave (AR) tokens are provided to give more opportunities to continue to participate in the community, with successful contributions paying out from 5-100 AR.

Check out our list of opportunities below, which will be updated on a regular basis.

Let’s build the future of Web 3.0 decentralized storage together! ????????

Community Contributor Checklist

Your Idea Do you have an idea that you could implement which would make ArDrive even better? Let us know!
New Apps and Intergrations 1) Tools to migrate data from Web2 Data Storage Apps like Dropbox, OneDrive, and iCloud to ArDrive in a user friendly way 2) Tools to clone a github repository to ArDrive for permanent app front-end hosting and censorship resistant code archive.
New Projects Create an ArDrive Community Portal or FUSE Drive
Technical Writing Write technical documentation on ArFS, ArDrive Platform or Integrating and developing with it
Content Creation Create memes, blog posts, how-tos, and videos supporting and promoting ArDrive
Internationalization Promote and support a specific region or community in our Discord on how to use the ArDrive apps

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