The Permaweb

Welcome to forever

As the internet connects people over vast distances, the permaweb connects people over long periods of time. The permaweb looks just like the normal web, but its content is stored for hundreds of years.

The Permaweb
What’s the Difference Between Decentralized Data Storage Options

Arweave vs Filecoin

Feel the difference permanence makes

Archive + Drive = ArDrive. Information is anything but static, and can best be described as fluid. ArDrive is the place to archive history of all kinds – personal, business, and world for generations to come.

How do we know when something was created? Who does it belongs to? With immutable, permanent, and time-stamped records the provenance of data and records has taken a big step forward.

Imagine being able to host a static website with a one time fee instead of month-to-month subscription payments.

With ArDrive and Arweave, this dream is becoming a reality. Your web presence, secured and simplified.

Like a favourite version of an app but it just got updated? Hate the changing terms of service? Scared of getting kicked off a 3rd party platform that you built on? All of this gets solved with the open-sourced and permissionless permaweb.

Data composability and scalability for developers! Use our docs to explore what you can build on the permaweb. 

Welcome to the permaweb.

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