CES 2023


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We prevent data loss from ever happening again.

ArDrive is Permanent

ArDrive is built upon the Arweave blockchain, which provides permanent technology that enables any type of digital data to be stored for at least 200 years but probably much longer.

ArDrive is Pay Once

ArDrive does away with subscriptions. Any file that you upload is only paid for once, then stored forever.

ArDrive is for You

Who is using ArDrive? 

Individuals - Thousands of everyday people around the world are storing their most valuable photos and files permanently through ArDrive.

NFT projects - ArDrive has become the home for a number of small-to-large NFT projects  - from digital art to gaming to music.

Developers - With ArDrive powered by ArFS and our core library developers can save time and increase functionality while building in the Arweave ecosystem.

Businesses - Accountants, lawyers and entrepreneurs are working with the ArDrive team to manage their internal documents and work flows.

Try ArDrive!

"While many users trust services like Dropbox or Google Drive to steward their data—services potentially susceptible to data leaks—ArDrive allows users to maintain ownership and control of their data." Tim Hakki, Decrypt


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