Become part of the new tech movement where founders, developers and users all have ownership of the platform


Become part of the new tech movement where founders, developers and users all have ownership of the platform.

Business NOT as usual. ArDrive is not set up as a typical tech company. Instead of a few people behind closed doors making all the decisions and reaping all the profits, ArDrive is community owned and operated.

Ownership and the DAO

ArDrive’s business structure is not set up as a typical corporation, instead it is proceeding to become a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

That may be a bit of a mouthful, but a DAO removes traditional ownership and decision making from the few and allows all to come in to participate in the governance and direction.

In other words, the community (the developers and users) becomes part of the ownership of the platform and, if they want, help shape the future of the platform and benefit from the upside.

Community Token

ArDrive Tokens create access

  • Acquiring ArDrive Tokens (ↁ) is the entrance into ArDrive ownership
  • Each Token allows the owner to vote on community initiatives
  • Each Token is eligible to receive the ‘tips’ that are received as people upload files onto ArDrive (ↁ) and Arweave token (AR)

Transparency for the community

  • We are committed to build out transparency around our internal statistics. For example, see our weekly results of our Dust Rewards (2021)
  • ArDrive has community votes around meaningful initiatives. Explore some of our recent votes.
  • Discover how other community members are using ArDrive by reading our user stories or exploring their public drives
  • We love to hear the voice of ArDrive users. Offer your suggestions to make ArDrive even better on one of our social media outlets below.
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Ownership and Voting

  • Each ArDrive Token gives the holder the ability to vote within ArDrive’s community initiatives
  • Community Initiatives are put forth by the community and developers to shape the community around key issues: fees, features, branding, overall direction
  • Please read our Community Improvement Proposal for a full breakdown of our community structure

Your Voice Matters

  • Decentralized means all of our voices matter
  • We always are here for your thoughts and ideas on Discord or social media, but we'd also like to hear your specific thoughts on how to make ArDrive more of what you need.

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