NFT Metadata

Arweave and NFT Metadata

The purpose of this document is to provide clarity on Arweave Metadata and NFT Metadata. Although Arweave provides its own form of Metadata to aid applications with more enhanced functionality, Arweave can also be utilized to store specific NFT Metadata ...
Data storage on a blockchain, with help from DALL E

How much data can you store on a blockchain?

With recent advancements in blockchain technology, people are wondering what real-world problems this tech can solve. One area that blockchain seems poised to disrupt is data storage. How much data can be stored on a blockchain? Data stored on a ...
1s and 0s

What type of files can you put on a blockchain?

As blockchain technology has developed so have the applications for its use. One of the most compelling but overlooked uses of blockchain is data storage. When most people think of blockchain, however, they think of Bitcoin. But blockchain technology is ...

Can You Store Private Data on a Blockchain?

The blockchain is a distributed database that allows for secure, transparent and tamper-proof transactions.  But can it be used to store private data? Yes, a blockchain can be used to store private data. Although the first uses of blockchain technology ...
Steampunk USB

How Long Will a USB Drive Last?

Steampunk USB by Brett Jordan USB drives are a great way to store files and take them with you on the go. But how long will they last? And how can you make sure that they last as long as ...

ArDrive Mobile: The first permanent storage app for your phone!

Every day, businesses and people are creating and consuming more and more data. All the sudden, the photo and video albums on our mobile phones can scroll back a decade, while businesses like accounting firms have millions or billions of ...


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