The ArCast Episodes 1-10

Podcast that features interviews and discussions about blockchain, NFTs, web3, and permanent storage, hosted by Andrew Nielsen. 

Episode 10

David Watson

This week on the ArCast, two-time Emmy winner David Watson talks about what he learned working at Disney and Netflix, and how this can inform the next steps to the mass adoption of Arweave and ArDrive.

More info on David’s new project here:

Episode 9


This week on the ArCast, Andrew talks to nerdcore pioneer YTCracker about DAOs, YTCracker’s work with deadmau5, and how the Arweave protocol builds on the philosophies of Swiss philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau. An exciting interview with one of the first artists to embrace web3 technology, thank you YTCracker!

Episode 8

Cao Yin

This week on the ArCast, Cao Yin talks about the pandemic in China, the Arweave ecosystem projects he’s excited about, and how he’s empowering artists with the Digital Renaissance Foundation. We also talk about the potential of art to change the world, and how NFTs can help disenfranchised artists find their voices and a make a living. Be sure to check out the Shanghai Gallery on Decentraland!

Episode 7


On today’s episode, we sit down with Christian Sumido to talk about his Rawrshak project. We discuss the origin of his company’s name, how he has curated a community of gamers and developers, and how he has used ArDrive as a way to permanently store game assets. We also discuss his plans for scalability and speculate on the future of decentralized gaming, and how is working to take power away from the tech giants. Thanks Christian!

Episode 6


This week on the ArCast, we talk to Kevin Primicerio about his Pianity project. We talk about how he learned about Arweave, his journey into the blockchain space, and his goals for the project. We also talk about his dedication to giving musicians the opportunity to earn a living wage through their art and the mechanics of the DAO. A great episode, thank you Kevin!

Episode 5

Panayotis Vyronis

Before Arweave, our fifth ArCast guest Panayotis Vyronis had the idea to create long-term one-time pay storage with his company LongAccess. On our final episode of the year, he offers some insight on how he started and where the future of permanent storage may lay. We also talk about the Great Recession, Greece, the birth of democracy, and his art projects. A great conversation with an inspiring man!

Episode 4


Our fourth episode of the ArCast features an interview with the the tour de artistic force known as Stellabelle! The crypto OG behind Slothicorn and now Crypto Stellas (stored on ArDrive), we talk about her artistic journey and mission to puncture the pomposity of the NFT world.

Episode 3

Ariel Melendez

This week on the ArCast, I talk to ArDrive CTO Ariel Melendez about his time at Princeton, his work in finance and app developments, and how Arweave uses Succinct Random Proofs of Access (SPoRA) to store and retrieve files. We also talk about musical projects, his journey into crypto, and how his perspective has changed as a father. You’ll definitely learn something this week, thanks for tuning in, and thanks Ariel for being on the show!

Episode 2

Sam Williams

An interview with Sam Williams, co-founder and CEO of Arweave. We talk about Williams’s philosophical impetus for the project, its progress, and Williams’s goals moving forward. We also talk about ArDrive’s role in spreading awareness and how users can best use Arweave to permanently store their data. Thanks Sam!

Episode 1

Mark Lemley

Welcome to the ArCast! This week, we discuss NFTs with Stanford law professor Mark Lemley. We talk about his gamer fandom, permanent storage, and the legalities of parody art on the blockchain. A great conversation with a true expert on the past and present legalities of digital storytelling and how we share our codified mythology.
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