The ArCast Episodes 11-20

Podcast that features interviews and discussions about blockchain, NFTs, web3, and permanent storage, hosted by Andrew Nielsen. 

Episode 20

An interview with Gabe Frank, CEO of, in which he and Andrew discuss NFT storage, what Gabe’s grandfather taught him about business, and how his years playing golf in college helped perfect the skills needed to successfully run a web3 startup one day. Thank you Gabe!

Episode 19


Episode 19 of the #ArCast features Ryan (voicesofhim), the founder of SPID3R S3ARCH talking to MC Lars about his inroads into Arweave Build, presenting at the Open Web Foundry, & how he pitched his demo to Interscope Records. Ryan also considers what a gamified Arweave search and discovery network look like, and how such an experiment could utilize ArFS and ArDrive.

Episode 18

Memory Gardens

Ben Peeri created Memory Gardens as way to memorialize a beloved pet who passed away. These days, the project serves as a way to celebrate weddings, anniversaries, graduations, and bar mitzvahs. On this episode of the ArCast, Andrew and Ben discuss what led Ben to creating this project and how Arweave works to permanently document our most important moments. We also talk about the connections between life and video games, and how this can help ameliorate fears of death. Thanks Ben!

Episode 17

Damondrick Jack

On this week’s episode of the ArCast, Andrew talks to Damondrick Jack about DJ’s work in blockchain education, how he designed the perfect waffle recipe, his years at Stanford producing Grammy-nominated artists K.Flay and Jidenna, and the next steps towards the mass adoption of decentralized, permanent storage. DJ also talks about the time he fell asleep before performing at Carnegie Hall and what it took to make the best waffle in the world. A great conversation, thanks DJ!

Episode 16

Joe Berenbaum

An interview with Joe Berenbaum, whose new project AFTR.Market provides treasury management and governance on-chain for Arweave assets. We talk about his early years in computing, his discovery of blockchain, and why he likes to build with Arweave. We also talk about parenting advice and what happens when your son becomes a popular crypto developer! A great conversation, thanks Joe!

Episode 15

Phil Mataras

This week, I talk to Phil Mataras about his love of heavy metal, gaming, and how he got into the blockchain. We also talk about how he balances his family life with his work and his philosophy on scalability. We discuss Arweave, AR.IO, and the exciting possibilities of the gateways. Through metaphors involving music, Star Wars, and different approaches to data privacy, we see a a new side of Phil. A great episode, thank you Phil!

Episode 14

Lucas Porter-Bakker

This week on the ArCast, Andrew talks to ArDrive’s Director of Design Lucas Porter-Bakker about kung fu, vaporware, and the next steps to mass web3 adoption. We also talk about the importance of fonts and the challenge that comes with designing new logos. Thank you Lucas!

Episode 13

Big Arch

Episode 13 of the #ArCast features an interview with YouTuber / cybersecurity expert Archie Crawford on the ways Arweave and ArDrive can best protect your data. An awesome conversation, thanks Arch!

Episode 12

Amy J. Smith

This week on the ArCast, we talk to Amy J. Smith about how she got started in photography, her journey into web3, and how she uses Arweave and ArDrive to document social justice movements. We also talk about how we can bring more women into the blockchain space.

Episode 11

David Whittington

This week on the ArCast, Andrew interviews @djwhitt about designing indie games, his Arweave-themed YouTube channel, his work with ArDrive, and developments around the @ar_io_network! A great conversation with the man who popularized the elephant emoji. Thank you David!

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