The ArCast Episodes 21-30

Podcast that features interviews and discussions about blockchain, NFTs, web3, and permanent storage, hosted by Andrew Nielsen. 

Episode 30


This week, we talk to Jonny Ringo of Sarcophagus. Jonny Ringo grew up in Montana and was homeschooled, developing a strong work ethic and valuing freedom and sovereignty. He has worked in the cryptocurrency industry for the past three years, and his used his experience with building mining rigs and working on a crab fishing boat. Jonny and Andrew discuss the importance of good communication skills and teamwork in blockchain and beyond.

Episode 29

Jeremiah Long

Jeremiah Long is heavily involved in the blockchain space in Atlanta and helped organize NFT ATL, an inaugural conference for people to learn about and discuss blockchain. This week on the ArCast, we talk about the technical ways Arweave can continue to bring the web3 community together in person and online.

Episode 28

Romain Calle

Romain Calle came to us from Réunion Island to talk about his work with everVision, Arweave, and the future of decentralized storage. We talked about the scalibility of Arweave and the steps needed for web3’s mass adoption. An awesome conversation about culture, technology, travel, and DeFi, Romain’s passion for Arweave is both infectious and joyful!

Episode 27


It’s not uncommon for NFT collections to disappeare if the assets are not stored using a permanent storage solution like Arweave. On this week’s episode of the ArCast, Felwintrr explains how Fortify is helping NFT collectors safeguard their collections by using tools like the ArDrive CLI.

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Episode 26

The Many Network

This week on the ArCast, Andrew catches up with Carleton Chang to talk about the Many Network, an online learning platform for connecting teachers with students. They talk about the role of decentralization in education and how Arweave and ArDrive might help tutors preserve an accurate record of their resume history to help aid their students. Thanks Carleton!

Episode 25

Meson Network

A conversation about how Meson Network is leading the way in decentralizing bandwidth, featuring Sherlock Shi, co-founder and CEO. We talk about his education background, and hypothesize on what the internet will look like when we inhabit other planets. An interesting converation with a great guy, thank you Sherlock!

Episode 24

Cowboy Coder

This week on the ArCast, we talk to Cowboy Coder about the new ArDrive mobile app, his philosophies on web3, and how blockchain and music theory have a lot in common. We also talk about some of Cowboy Coder’s upcoming projects and how Arweave fills in a need in the crypto space. Thanks Cowboy Coder!

Episode 23

Myna Accountants

Joe David talks about how he got his start as an accountant and the British adoption of cryptocurrency. We also talk about the ways people can safely keep track of their financial records, and why a decentralized platform offers the best solution for storing sensitive data. We talk about family life, travel, and the future of cryptocurrency accounting. Thank you Joe!

Episode 22

Meteorite Labs

This week on the ArCast, we talk to Melody Taira about her work with Meteorite Labs and how we connected at NFT.NYC. We discuss the continued global adoption of Arweave as well as some of the differences between Chinese and Japanese approaches to web3. Thanks Melody!

Episode 21

Xavi Zedd

This week on the ArCast, Andrew talks to Xavi Zedd about his illustration influences, manifests, the early years of Disney animation, and how ArDrive has helped codify some of the strongest DIY NFT communities in web3. We also talk about the ways he balances his commitments with his digital art career, and the exciting new projects he’s working on. Thanks Xavi!

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