Surviving the Shark Tank

Like many of you, I have never pitched a vision and product to investors before. Most of my experience to date was watching the show Shark Tank. As you can imagine, in reality, raising capital is nothing like this.

Our First Community Improvement Proposal

The CIP will map of how we think our community fits in this decentralized, web3 world and where we want to least for the next year or so.

New Year, Same Vision

This New Year's Eve was different because I spent most of the evening like many evenings of the past 6 months — strategizing about ArDrive, learning from mistakes and plotting what we will accomplish in 2021. For the first time, I wasn’t thinking about personal or family goals, but community goals.

I finally found something

The crypto world has shown me so many tokens, dapps, mining schemes and impossible claims. But there was one particular protocol that I was drawn to as soon as I heard about it and started to use it.


Easy-to-read articles for beginners

What are ArDrive Tokens?

ArDrive tokens (ↁ) enable you to receive a share of the tips generated from all ArDrive transactions on the network and vote in the strategic direction of the application and community.

Can data really be stored forever?

Many people react skeptically to Arweave's claim of data permanence because it seems impossible and has never been achieved before. Let's explore the proof for the viability of this claim.

Arweave vs Filecoin

Both are decentralized data storage solutions built on blockchain technology. Arweave is focused on the problem of long-term data storage, whereas Filecoin is trying to disrupt the existing cloud storage market.

What is ArDrive?

As the world has entered the information age a new problem has arisen for basically everyone on the planet: How do I keep my data stored for long periods of time?

What is Arweave?

Most invention and innovation happens in small incremental steps. But once in a while, an innovation takes a giant step forward and completely changes the space it is in. Arweave is one of these disruptive types of innovation.