Tech 101


The next era of the internet is here.

The internet that we are using right now is described as Web 2.0. The past 20 years have been marked by mass online adoption, big tech, social media, display ads, and user-generated content.

The next phase of the internet is being described as Web 3.0 or Web3. You might not even recognize that the era of Web3 has begun, but may have heard words and concepts such as: 

  • blockchain and data security
  • decentralization and personal ownership of data
  • tokens and ownership for users
  • crypto and cryptocurrencies
  • freedom of information and censorship resistance

These words and concepts may feel confusing if you are encountering them for the first time. But just like the way early internet terms like URL, search engines, and wifi once sounded strange, we can learn these new terms too with a little effort. And that little effort will pay off in many different ways.

The payoff can be seen in ArDrive, and similar new tech companies, that are pushing forward applications with powerful new features and benefits:

  • Personal ownership of data
  • New revenue and control of copyright for content creators
  • Solve problems that have stymied computer scientists for decades
  • Permanent data storage for archivers, families and businesses
  • Users and developers both benefiting from the growth of applications

Tech 101 Course Objectives

So, by the end of this course we want to accomplish three things:

  1. Explain what blockchain is and the terms around it (including Bitcoin, which popularized blockchain technology).
  2. Explain what Arweave is and how it innovated on blockchain technology to create permanent data storage
  3. Introduce ArDrive as a new application that leverages the Arweave network to offer permanent storage to the average person and allows users an interaction and ownership that has never been experienced before!

Let's learn together.

ArDrive uses brand new technology that allows data storage to be permanent. We've designed this course to show you how that new technology works. It's made for beginners:  you don't have to be a computer programmer or tech-savvy to follow along. Our hope is to make the world of blockchains as simple to understand as possible. Enjoy and let us know what you think about this course!


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