Our First Community Improvement Proposal

March 15, 2021

I am excited announce that we were able to finally complete our first Community Improvement Proposal (CIP) for 2021 and will be submitting it to the ArDrive Community Decentralized Autonomous Organization for approval!

Yes, the Community Improvement Proposal “CIP”, or one of the new guiding documents written for our blooming community. A few of the core members and I put it together over the past month, not exactly knowing what the final result would be. We just had a vision of a plan that the community could get behind in order to define itself and how it should grow along with the ArDrive decentralized apps.

I admit to writing many a long, meandering document in my career, and I did not want this first attempt at a real community manifesto/definition/marketing plan to be that. Future versions of this type of proposal should have many more contributors, but we felt that the first version needed specific attention to get it out into the wild and get people understanding its purpose. We absolutely took the community feedback in mind when writing it. In the end, we got something pretty unique, or at least we think so!!

The CIP will start to build a map of how we think our community fits in this decentralized, web3 world and where we want to go...at least for the next year or so. New major and minor versions can be submitted by anyone in the community as needed. It is somewhat similar to other decentralized technology proposals (like a Bitcoin Improvement Proposal), except it is not related to technology at all. Rather it’s a general specification for some of the community organization, governance and growth aspects, and how the ArDrive Token can power them.

Remember, ArDrive is more then just another file sync app that lets you permanently save your data!

Part of what I found last summer was this innovative business model for the decentralized web. It is built upon the concept of an Arweave Profit Sharing Community, which uses the SmartWeave smart contract system. The model seeks to empower contributors and open source the typical “corporate structure”, which among other things, gives us a token to build some interesting mechanics with. We tried to outline all this as well our first CIP, so please read it to get all of the juicy details. Existing community members are encouraged to log into our Community Portal, stake some tokens, and vote on the proposal.

Oh, and when you have a look at the CIP you'll get a sneak peek at our new logo and branding, which are set to roll out in the coming weeks.

Got any questions, concerns or comments? We would love to hear them! Email me at phil@ardrive.io or join our Telegram.


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