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Logging In and Out

The information that you put onto ArDrive is stored permanently, but this doesn’t mean that you want to have that information accessed by anyone or even accessed permanently.

ArDrive takes the security and privacy of your data with the utmost priority, and gives you control of your data.

To ensure as high of security and control as possible, ArDrive has implemented a double security process. When you create an ArDrive profile you will do so with your own personal Arweave wallet private key as well as your own personal password.

Both of these - the private wallet key AND password - are then needed to access your information. Don't lose them!

Access to your permanent storage is something which only you have and can share. Even the ArDrive team does not have access to your private wallet key and password information. Therefore, if you lose either your key OR your password, your private data will also be lost.

Once you have used a wallet and set up a profile, it is created forever! Every time you use this wallet, it will expect the same password you used when you first set it up. Remember to keep both your wallet key and password in a secure place.

Sign In

Session Management

Every time you login to your ArDrive account you will be required to put in your password.

The internet browser you use will help ArDrive remember your wallet key when you visit to the login page, but you will be required to put in your password every time.

This also is the case if you close the tab or browser where you are using the ArDrive app. When it is closed you will be automatically logged off from your account. When you come back to ArDrive you will need to re-enter your password information to get back into your account. This is true even if you just refresh your browser.

We maintain high security for session management so no one can simply go on your computer and access the accounts that you have previously been on. Drive-by users will be kept from accessing your most sensitive data!

Note: ArDrive has no log-off function because you are automatically logged off once you close your browser or tab where you are using ArDrive.

Getting Started

The first thing to know about using ArDrive is that the big red +NEW button in the top left corner is your best friend. 

The +NEW button is the control center of the app, where you will be able to do four main things:

  • Create New Folders
  • Create New Drives
  • Attach New Drives 
  • Upload Files

Let’s go over each of these:

New Button

Create New Drives

ArDrive is built around “Drives” - permanent digital storage containers. Drives are like a hard drives on the permaweb where you can put all kinds of files - audio, video, photo, code - and group them in folders to your heart’s content. 

To get started with ArDrive, you’ll first want to create a Drive.  

Hit the +NEW button and a drop downlist will appear with our four options.  

Select “New Drive”

A pop screen will appear that gives you the option to name your Drive and to select whether it is public or private.

We will go over this again, but it is important that you know if you select ‘private’ then only you will have access to that Drive. If you select public you are giving access to all files in the Drive to everyone forever. An automatic URL will be created for this Drive and this URL cannot be deleted.  

When you create a new Drive, the default is for it to be private. Be careful! If you accidentally publish your information to a public Drive there is no delete button. 

Go ahead and create a Drive. For an example, I may create one called Photos. 

As you will notice once you create the Drive it will now appear on the list under personal Drives.

After you select the Drive you can now add folders or upload files to it.

New Drive

Create New Folder

At this point you can upload any file you want to your Drive, but it's probably best to keep your Drive tidy by creating a few folders. 

Click on the +NEW button and choose “New Folder”. In our example ‘Photos’ Drive I could create a few different folders such as “Summer Vacation 2019” or “1st Birthday”. 

Once you create a new folder it will appear under the Drive that you have assigned it to. If a folder ever fails to appear or goes missing, click the circle icon to refresh your Drive and it should appear.

Select the folder that you have created, and it will take you another level down into that folder.

From here, you can upload files or create more folders within the Drive. You can always navigate easily through your Drive by clicking on the folder names that now appear as bread crumbs in the top navigation.


Uploading Files

Now that you have created your Drive and added a folder you are ready to upload a file.

Click into the Drive and then the folder where you want to upload your file.

Now click on the +NEW button and select Upload Files(s)

ArDrive will now allow you to select from the files(s) on your desktop.

Select which file you want and press UPLOAD

ArDrive will then calculate the cost of the file(s) you want to upload to the permaweb. A pop up screen will appear that will confirm the file(s) you have selected, the size of each file, and the one-time cost.  

You will now have the ability to cancel the transaction at no cost or upload the file for the cost indicated. The cost of the file(s) is represented in AR (Arweave token).

The price can fluctuate based on the computing power available to the Arweave network at any one time.  A general guide to costs in US Dollars is as follows:

  • 1 MB = .0025 AR
  • 4 MB = .01 AR
  • 1 GB = 2.5 AR

To check current pricing, see the Arweave Fee Calculator.


What file sizes can I upload?

At this time, we do not recommend file uploads larger than 1.5 GB.  Also note that our calculation of file size may be slightly larger than the file size listed on your computer given the unique way that data is handled on the permaweb and how your file is encrypted.

How long does it take to upload?

Decentralized, permanent data storage doesn’t happen in an instant. You may need to wait around a minute for a 10 MB file to be uploaded. Larger files (1 GB) can take an hour or more to fully upload.

⚠ Caution: Do not exit from the screen until the spinning wheel has stopped. If you exit the browser before it has stopped your file will not be uploaded. You will not be charged if a file does not fully upload, but any progress towards uploading your file will be lost.

Attach or Share a Drive

Attach Drive and Sharing Drives are two sides of the same coin. Attach Drive is about receiving a Drive that someone is sharing with you, and each Drive that you create is given an ID that lets you share that Drive with anyone of your choosing.

Share a Drive

One of the great features of ArDrive is sharing Drives with others.

To share a Public Drive you will first need to click on the public drive you wanted shared in the left column that contains all of your drives below the +NEW button.

This will bring your main screen to show all the Folders or Files that you have saved under that Drive.

To share this drive, click on the share icon at the left of the icons at the top right of the ArDrive app.

After clicking on a text box will appear that has a link that you are able to copy and send to anyone of your choosing.

When the user receives your link and clicks on it they will be brought to that specific Public Drive and will be able to access the shared drive without needing an ArDrive account or login.

At this time there is not a sharing function for folders, only Drives and individual files.

Share Drive

Find your Drive ID

Drives are uniquely identified by their Drive ID, a string of 36 characters (letters, numbers and hyphens). Your Drive ID can also be used to share a Drive with another ArDrive user.

Finding your ID to Share Drive is simple.

Click on the Public or Private Drive you want to share with a friend. 

After you click on the Drive an ⓘ symbol will appear at the top right of ArDrive. Press on the ⓘ symbol and a pop-up box to the right will appear to the right. 

In the pop-up box, find the first item, ‘Drive ID’.  Make a copy of your Drive ID by clicking on the  icon. Now you can send your 36-character Drive ID to a friend and they can add your Drive to their ArDrive account.


Attach a Drive

Attach Drives is the way to receive a public or private Drive that has been shared with you.

Go to the control center of ArDrive - click the +New button and one of the 4 options will appear including ‘Attach Drive’

Click on Attach Drive and a popup box will appear at the center of your screen. 

The pop up will have a place for you to put your 36-character Drive ID  that your friend shared with you and a box that allows you to name the Drive. You can choose any name you wish for this Drive. It doesn’t have to be the same name that the original creator used.

Once you press ‘attach’ the Drive will appear under a ‘Shared Drives’ heading in the left side menu.   

⚠ Caution: We currently do not offer the ability to unattach a Drive, but this feature is under development.


Create a Public Drive

ArDrive is built around “Drives” - permanent digital storage containers. Public Drives are a unique and powerful feature of ArDrive. Public Drives allow you to make any content public to the whole internet. 

The files that you make public will each be given a unique URL that is searchable on the internet. 

As there is no delete button with ArDrive, any files that you make public will always be undeletable and public - we cannot stress this enough!

Creating a Public Drive is as easy as creating a Private Drive.

Start by visiting our old friend the +NEW button.

Click on New Drive

A pop up window will appear in the center of the page. The default setting for any new drive is private. Find the drop down box that allows you to select and make the drive Public. Once you name the Drive and press create you have a new public Drive. 

To obtain the URL of any file in your public drive, click on the file and a number of icons will appear at the top right of the Drive.

Click on the ‘preview’ icon (the square with a diagonal arrow in the middle). This will give you an online preview of the file you have publicly uploaded. On that preview page, the long web address in your browser (containing dozens of random-looking characters) is the permanent URL for this file and can be shared. 

Each Drive that is public on your account will be labeled with an icon of a folder with a person on it. Each private Drive will be labeled with only a plain folder.


Adjust Files

Renaming a File

To rename a file, click on and highlight the file you want to be renamed.

At the top right of ArDrive, click on the icon that looks like a pencil.

Clicking the icon will bring up a ‘Rename File’ window with the current name of the File displayed in the text box.

At this point you can rename the file to a name that works better for you.

Simply click the ‘Rename’ button below and the file get its new name.

Edit icon

Move a File to Another Folder

To move a file to another folder, first click on and highlight the file you want moved.

Next, press the icon at the top right of the app that looks like a folder with an arrow on the inside.

This will bring up a window titled ‘Move File’ which has all of the Folders you have created within that Drive. Select the folder or subfolder where you’d like to move the file, then click the ‘Move Here’ button at the bottom right.

A window will pop up showing that the ArDrive is executing your request, and when it disappears (usually in a second or less) then the file has been successfully moved.


Share Individual Files

Share a File

To share a file in one of your public or private folders click on and highlight the file you want to share.

This will expand the row of icons at the top right corner of your screen.

Click on the share icon and a window will pop up in the middle of your screen that contains a link. You can now copy the link and send it to whomever you want to share it with and they will have access to the file.

Note: At this time there is not a sharing function for folders: only Drives and individual files can be shared.

Note: Whomever you share the link with can also share the link with others. We plan to provide the option to limit the spread of link sharing in future versions of ArDrive. But for now, the link can be accessed by anyone once it is shared.

Share icon

Download a File

Click on and highlight the file you want to be downloaded.

In the list of icons at the top right of ArDrive the download icon is the one with the arrow pointing downwards.

Click on the download icon and the file will download to your operating system.

During the download process we remove any permaweb encoding and encryption - so feel free to use or share it as you would any other file.

 Note that there is no additional charge to download, preview or share your file.


Public Previews

All of the files that you put onto your Public Drive will be given a URL that can be searched and shared as any other web address.

To locate the full URL address and get a preview click on and highlight a file within your public folder.

In the icon list at the top, a square with a diagonal arrow will appear second from the left - this is the public preview button.

When you click the public preview button, a new tab in your browser will open with the chosen file now as a web page. The web address for the file will be located in the web address box of your browser. You’ll see a long web address with in the center. It may look like jibberish, but it works forever as a permaweb URL.

Once you have this unique URL you can share it with others, embed it on a website or bookmark it in your browser as a record of your public permaweb files.

 Note that there is no additional charge to download, preview or share your file.

Public Preview


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